Spring Break!

March 30, 2012

It's spring break here in Edmonton, and although we customarily leave town for a mini-break, this year we decided to stay local. Our goals were to get some things done (3rd trimester nesting instincts have kicked in) and spend time together as a family.

I looked into some mountain getaway situations, but with our interspersed meetings and various obligations (though sparse), it just didn't seem reasonable to spend a bunch of time and money going on a 2-3 day break. Instead, it made more sense to stay in the city and do fun stuff together here!

We went to the John Janzen Nature Centre the other day, where Dexter seemed timid about the awesome indoor play area, but was very focused on watching baby chicks for an extended period of time. 

We've been on family brunches with friends. And also went to the AGA  to see Gabe Wong's Method and Madness. We happened to run into an "auntie" at the gallery as well, and Dexter was treated to an impromptu Eric Carle block puzzle from the gallery store. Lucky guy!

Today, I also spent some time getting my hair trimmed for the first time since... November? My hair girl moved away, so I had to wait a long time for my appointment with a new girl at ponytails + horseshoes.  My choice of stylist was in part motivated by a referral by a friend, but also greatly motivated by the location of the salon. It's just a block away from all my highlevel bridge area haunts, which makes it an easy bike and a moderate walk for future visits. 

No more dead ends. Lovely! 

Also, this is what 31ish weeks of 2nd pregnancy looks like on somebody who is five feet tall. I am definitely rockin' the baby bump - Hello!

Afterward, I strolled over to Transcend to pick up some espresso beans. Locally roasted!

And next door at Whimsical Cupcakes I picked up half a dozen treats to bring home, and ordered a cake for an upcoming birthday party. I scored a complimentary red velvet cookie too! I thought it would be perfect to munch on while I was walking home (got dropped off earlier, and it's about a 20-30 minute slow walk home for me). 

But then I went to redbike and they had the Linus I wanted, so I just bought a new bike instead, and rode it home!

Since I saw them last season, I have been referring every friend who is looking for a new bike, to the Linus. They're an amazing bike for the price! 

I know the Linus will never be my Pashley, but I am aching for something just slightly more aggressive, light, and suitable for towing a trailer with babies in it (that's where having 20 or so less pounds to lug around in bike-parts is handy). I have also been having an unnatural desire for a mixte for a LONG time, solidified by my riding Steph's mixte around Halifax last year. 

So don't get me wrong, the Pashley is still my great love, and I am a total convert when it comes to loving a steel-framed bicycle. I just need something that is less hefty for super hills and for babies in car seats in trailers, and potentially a 3 yr old in a rear-mounted seat too. I am all for a good work out, but all my extra cargo is going to give me plenty to lug around. 

Best thing of all was running into my friend, Brent, at the bike store. He had also purchased a men's 3-speed Linus in black. Can't wait to go on a ride with him:)

While I was at the shop, I also picked up some cork grips and a new Nutcase Helmet. I am not usually a fan for patterned helmets, but this one was so cute and it fits so comfortably - I made an exception. My white Bern helmet (can be worn in winter and summer) is really snug and doesn't leave any room for my braided up-dos. The new helmet has an adjustable thingy so will give me more room. It doesn't have a brim... but I suppose I can wear the Bern if it looks like rain. 

All I need to do now is change out the Mixte's saddle and I'll be ready to roll at full capacity.

So that's my spring break so far. Family stuff. Home stuff. A bit of work. And, a new bike! 

Hope your week was good too, and your weekend even better :)


Jean said...

Maybe show us more of the whole new bike. So this makes it your...3rd, 4th bike for yourself? :D

(I have 4 bikes myself, with some in Vancouver, for me to ride when I go back.)

Unfortunately my head shape doesn't take a Bern nor Nutcase round helmet style. I love some of the Nutcase designs. Helmets are one area I actually like checking up on the latest models.

So one day, maybe oblong shaped helmets will move beyond the floral swirls for women ..not much design choice which is probably due to airholes and hence, lack of helmet real estate space for artistry.

Cupcake Ride said...

WOW! You had quite the bike shopping trip!

Can't wait to see how you set up your new Linus w/ the baby stuff and also your new helmet :)

A girl can't have too many helmets!

CJ said...

Can't wait to hear more about your new bike!

Diana said...

I think I might get a Linus next...even though my first "nice" bike hasn't even come in yet..haha. Do you happen to know what kind of bike that blue one next to the Linus is?? The rack is really cool!

my hyggelig said...

Funny, I was looking into a mixte last year, but nothing seemed like it would fit me well. I believe you and I are similar in height. I ended up getting Lexa ( because I love my road bike so well. But I do think the Linus option is such a great introduction to the market. Just think how much has changed in the last few years Miss S! Breaks my brain some days...

Jana said...

I have a baby and a Linus, too! I'm really looking forward to lugging my eight-month old around in our new Chariot trailer...can't wait!!

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