Edmonton Opera's Fidelio - 34 Weeks Pregnant.

April 23, 2012

Over the weekend I got Don to do some basket swapping for me, finally making good on the suggestions given by Velouria, as per her recommendations on carrying cargo on the Pashley back when she was still rocking that hunter green princess sovereign. 

My handlebar-mounted wicker basket and I have had many beautiful years together. It has safely housed my hand bag, books, coffee, dog, and groceries time and time again. I love that thing, but the metal prongs are starting to eat through the wicker. It's remaining life is limited. Also, after years of riding, I am discovering that I prefer weight on the back of my bicycle, and lower down. 

Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly fine to ride with weight up front and higher up (you become accustomed to it, like anything else). 

My basket just needed to be retired, and I'm excited about nimble handling without the weight up front. 

In other "cargo" related news, I also finally got around to getting some pregnant Miss Sarah photos taken of me and the bike! I am horrible at self-photography. My arms are short, and up until recently it's been too cold to stand around outside fiddling with the camera. 

I sort of forgot how to stand around with the bike. Especially now that it doesn't have a basket. I used to always hold the handlebars on either side by the grips. Now I am one of those one-handed, middle-grab people.

It's a blessing that all my shoes still fit. 

Also, check out that scar on my left leg! It's a persistent thing, leftover from last year's epic tumble (or the more exciting reference being the "fabulous dismount")

Riding a bike while pregnant... is just like riding a bike.

I love the new handling! It's probably psychological, but the bike actually feels significantly more nimble, lighter, and looks pretty badass. Now that the basket isn't in the way, the range of light that my front lamp casts has also increased. I love it!

Only other thing I want to deal with now is how unruly my brake cables look. It's picky, I know.

We were super lucky to go see Edmonton Opera's premiere of Beethoven's only opera, Fidelio. I totally forgot that he had even written one! I was figuring it would be mighty and thick, being about war and sung in German.

Turns out I was totally wrong. Beethoven doesn't write "thick" music (I was thinking Wagnerian, which is a totally unfair comparison). It was super beautiful. I don't know how long it's been since I have enjoyed an overture (of all things) so much.

And if you're in Edmonton and have the chance to go on Tuesday or Thursday this week, be prepared to have your socks knocked off by Maida Hundeling, the soprano behind Leonore. What a voice!

Bicycle modifications, continued pregnancy, and a little culture. That's Saturday night with Miss Sarah.


dagmara said...

True, wicker baskets don't last forever. Mine takes a beating from jabs it gets from other bikes in the bike room and in my garden shed. But my Pashley just wouldn't seem right without it (to me). I don't really notice a huge difference in terms of handling without it. I like to see my purse at all times while riding so it goes in the basket and then I use a rear pannier for everything else. I previously thought about adding a rear basket but I prefer panniers. I think they keep things more secure and out of the rain.

Incidentally, I once had a quick release basket fail on me but fortunately it happened on a bike path and not a busy road. I have been tempted to remove the wheel lock on my Pashley as I seldom use it.

miss sarah said...

dag - If I need more storage space I might stick another basket up front. For now, I'm going to try this double-rear thing and see how it all goes. Since I use the rack a lot too (clamping things down on top) I'm thinking there should be enough room for everything.

I am not a fan of the quick release baskets at all. I prefer to take a canvas grocery bag and just sort of keep the wicker up front as a permanent fixture. I'm not the kind of person that enjoys carrying the basket around. It keeps bumping into me:)

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