Dexter's 3rd Birthday Party!

May 28, 2012

We represented at Dexter's first birthday, and then again on his second birthday... 

It only makes sense that his third birthday was also going to be a blast! 

His party was actually a combo birthday with Don's, since their birthdays are only 5 days apart and Don is the sort of guy who doesn't really care about his birthday. Regardless, we were excited to use the LEGO candles that uncle Richard gave Dexter at Christmas, and I ordered up a cake from Whimsical Cupcakes

Despite all his friends being there, Dexter was most interested in following his grandpa around, and going out to the backyard to survey the BBQ situation.

Then, the men in my life (Don, Dexter, and Dad) found a cozy bungalow spot to eat their lunch.

Cousin Keira.

Birthday boy!

Mama dishes out some cake.


All gone!

Usually I make more of an effort to photograph people and things, but with the new baby and all the guests and ordering people around (I have very accommodating friends and family), I had my hands full.

It makes me feel proud to see my little dude opening the door to welcome people to his party, and always saying hello and thank you. He is such a wonderful little gentleman, and is really sweet to his mommy, daddy, and baby Alice. I feel lucky to have such a rad kid!

Looking forward to next year's birthday. I'm going to try and get away with these BBQ home-parties for as long as I can before (so I hear) things are supposed to become more elaborate...

Happy Birthday, Dexter!


Ridonkulus said...

love that dexter is all cuddled up with his grandpa. he's still at that age where all adults are cool to hang out with.

rita said...

You look great, Miss S, way to rock the post partum! (plus, that cake looks delicious, made me want to go grab some cupcakes on my ride back from the library tonight...)

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