Summer Momming.

June 30, 2012

Here is the result of all the nursing I've been doing for the past 6 weeks! Baby Alice is soft and adorable and there is nothing I love more than to cuddle my little hungry-woman. Dexter was always a long and lean baby so I am unaccustomed to my super snacker. It's awesome to have such a voracious little lady! I like to think this means she will have the same appetite for life that her mama has! 

I can't believe June has come and gone. SIGH. Time is flying by and my summer as a super-mom is passing by quickly.

Our days have been filled with the aforementioned nursing... and lots of train rides!

We like to go downtown to hang out at our library. 

The summer also means lots of festivals in the square, and excuses to eat poutine from a carnival vendor. 

Sometimes we visit dad's office at work (there are many a wonderful lady there who enjoy taking turns with the snuggler).

We take pictures at The Works festival. 

Dexter clutches his beloved DVDs from the library.

Baby Alice spends some of her non-snuggle time looking skeptical. 

And sometimes contemplative. 

When we are out and about, Dexter and I eat lunches and cake while she nurses and snuggles. 

It's great to be at general leisure and only beholden to nursing and the kids. When somebody asks me if I am free to hang out next week, the answer is actually yes! This never used to happen before. 

Dexter is being such a trooper, walking beside us and going with the flow. Oftentimes we have to stop what we're doing so I can feed the baby or change her diaper, and he just hangs out and waits for us. 

He is a rad older brother. 

We actually tried our first family bike ride around the neighbourhood last week! There are still a few kinks to work out with Alice's car seat in the trailer, and I might see if I can change the position of my saddle so that Dexter's knees aren't poking my butt when we're riding.

Both these devices are 2nd hand contraptions borrowed or given from friends! I'll write more about it when I've had a chance to take photos, but we'll just say for now that it's a pain when you're really short and your seat post is too low to easily attach rear kid seats, and your kid is also way to gangly and tall to sit in a front-mounted contraption. Also, it didn't help that both of Alice's car seats were too large to fit inside our existing single Chariot and even our double trailer.

I'll be really happy when baby is sturdy enough to sit up properly in the Madsen (or whatever cargo bike) with her brother next season! Current biking logistics are a pain and very temporal. A set-up that works for a few months will need to change when both kids are at new and different stages. Then again, and again, until they're just big enough to balance themselves.

Regardless, at least we have the train! Without it, we would be bored and sedentary. With it, our leisurely weekdays are full of little adventures and time we spend together as our sweet little trio!


r said...

Oh my gosh she's so cute!! How do you get stuff done? I'd be just kissing those chubby cheeks all day and watching her make cute faces:)

misssable said...

OMG. You look like hardcore mom in that pic with the denim shirt with D.

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