Fringe 2012!

August 31, 2012

I have many friends who are hard core Fringers. They clear the whole 10 days and they're in Old Strathcona ALL THE TIME. And if you're serious about it, that's really the best way. Trying to "schedule" Fringe shows according to the one evening you're available (meaning, without kids) is tough. 

Good thing there are so many shows to choose from, you're bound to stumble across something good, even if it's not your first choice. 

Don and I carved out some time last Friday to fit some shows in before it all wrapped up, and we obviously cycled over. 

Late summer evenings are cold:( 

Needed to bring a jacket. And later on in the evening I regretted not bringing gloves too. 

I ate a "Lambwich" for dinner from this new little village food truck - yum!

Then we got in line to see one of the two shows of the evening. First up was One Man Macbeth. Second was Zack Adams: A Complete History of Zack Adams.

In between shows we went to get frozen yogurt.

And then it was time for our 2nd show, which I liked very much! I also love that the Fringe venues are scattered all across Old Strathcona, which means you get lots of fun pedestrian opportunities. Having a snack on the way to your show, running into friends and getting caught up, or stopping in the shops. It all spells very people-scaled fun.

Apparently this year's Fringe also broke records in terms of attendance - YES! If anybody loves theatre, I would highly recommend visiting Edmonton during this time of year. Tons of entertainment, perfect climate, and lots of bike opportunities. 


Velotales said...

It's Fringe time in Vancouver on Granville Island! Great festival and great time of year. BTW, that pic of frozen yogurt has given me an idea for today ;)

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