Weekday Life.

September 27, 2012

I am proud to say that I have biked (and trained once) Dexter to school every single day since he started! Just yesterday we went on a field trip to a park in the river valley and I am happy to report that we had a glorious ride down and a surprisingly non-painful (albeit slow) climb back up. Luckily my mom had the day off and took baby Alice, so Dexter and I were able to ride fast! Usually we amble around slowly on account of the baby. 

Speaking of the baby, here we are (out of breath) enjoying some fall-time patio. Have been run off my feet these days, but managed to squeeze in a quick lunch with friends. Thankfully said friends appear to enjoy holding the baby while I eat and talk with my mouth open. 

All this cycling prepares me for receiving goodies.

I mean, you have to eat them while fresh...

And here is Dexter doing his part to get ready for the commute to school. His job is to put his back pack in the rear, and retrieve his helmet. 

I'll spare you the pictures of me cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry!


Daveography said...

Isn't Jelly Modern in Calgary? If they opened an Edmonton location, I will flip out in the best way possible.

miss sarah said...

You're right! They are indeed in Calgary, but a friend of mine was down there for business very recently.

I've heard the heritage baked goods at the 124 Street market is pretty delicious!

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