Birthday Cake.

October 10, 2012

After almost two months of my thick and silky pregnancy hair falling out in copious and alarming amounts, it was time to lop off the length. I was starting to look like Golum from the LOTR movies! There is nothing particularly special about the hair now, but it's still a good excuse to get Tom to take a portrait of me at dinner.

In other news in the fashion and accessories department, I have recently had my jumpsuit hemmed. A JUMPSUIT! I was so excited when I saw it on the rack at the store, and even more excited when the zipper actually fastened up all the way. Score!

I have been dying to take it out on the town. Having a delicious belated birthday dinner with Lisa and Tom was the perfect occasion. 

They live across the street from the Millcreek Culina.

Lamb koftas!

After dinner, we took a hop and a skip across the street to the domicile.

Loving the new art here.

Don quickly settles into google sketch up to complete his rendering for an upcoming kitchen renovation. It's going to look so fly!

I made a cake.

And we got to enjoy it on grandma-china.

Birthday Lisa!

Oh, and mom extraordinaire. Leisha is always baby whispering even when her own little one isn't around. Here we have stunt baby, Garrett.


Oh, and that Kara Loop is looking mighty fine.

After I had two pieces of cake, and after we determined we could comfortably fit 8 people inside their boler (the one with flames you see in the link isn't the one they have), we retired back in the house for more refreshments.

Eventually, new shoes had to come off.

Every single time Don and I head home from Tom & Lisa's we always remark on how amazing the location is. They live a few blocks away from a beautiful and intimate ravine. They have a little patch of retail on the corner across the street. It's blocks away from Whyte ave, which is home to shops, pubs, groceries, and our Pilates studio. And it may not have a train station, but the bus stop is just around the corner, with a whole host of busses that head downtown. And even if you wanted to ditch the bus, a bike ride downtown is a quick 15-20 minutes away, depending on how fast you are.

Location, location, location.

We already live in an amazing area of the city and I still have real-estate envy!

Cheers, to old bungalows with character! And the beautiful fir beams that hold them up:)


Simply Bike said...

Yes, it's all about location :) I often get location-envy, it ranks much higher than lots of space, nice possessions, etc, on my scale of happiness. Sounds like your friends have it made :)


Gift and Ideas said...

This was a very interesting article. For the record, I am an omnivore, but many years ago, I started making the conscious effort to eat some vegetarian meals weekly.

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