October 11, 2012

The first flurry of the season doesn't always inspire one to get out there and conquer it with a bike ride. You can't tell in the photos, but the wet snow was flying sideways and making the bike to school look mighty yucky. 

But, we live in Edmonton. It snows here for most of the year. And life goes on.


We dug out a bunch of layers, including Dexter's home-knit sweater from my mom.

 A new light winter coat of mine from Roots. It's plenty warm and water-resistant, though not as mammoth as my down-filled parka.

Dexter's boots. 

And baby Alice in a hand-me-down fuzzy bear suit.

The kids were cozy inside the trailer - I brought an extra blanket for baby Alice. I did well on all accounts with my coat, gloves, scarf, and insulated rain boots. Though, I forgot about what a difference a bit of a brim on your helmet makes. My black helmet manages to just keep rain and sun off my eyes. The polka-dot helmet does no such thing. My kids arrived safe and warm at the school, but it looked like I had been crying my eyes out on account of all the snow flying sideways into my face. 

Major league smudged eyeliner and runny mascara. So scary.

Lesson learned!


dagmara said...

I once resorted to wearing my snowboarding googles! That gets a lot of laughs from passersby. But it does the job. I have also tried tubing mascara but it's just not as nice as regular mascara. But it didn't budge despite my eyes tearing up from the wind.

rita said...

I use a very good water proof mascara and eyeliner from Lancome. Even with brimmed helmet, your face tends to get wet with weather like the other day, I find...on another note, how's the Linus with lower temperatures?

Btw, I love the look of your front yard! It looks elegant, yet low maintenance. Congrats!

hyedie said...

I know dagmara mentioned that tubing mascara isn't as nice as regular, but I swear by 'Kiss Me' mascara (

It goes on nice and thick and never melts or smudges in inclement weather!

misssable said...

Mom is going to love the fact that D wore that sweater

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