Hot Tip: SAHN Classic Helmet!

October 19, 2012

I get lots of emails about my black helmet, which is sadly no longer available. Back in the day I ordered it from Jorg & Olif, and liked it so much that I also later ordered a red one which eventually ended up with Leanne, and another black one for my mom. 

After the big tumble two summers ago, I was told that wearing my black helmet was a no-no. I mourned. 

Until my mom reminded me that she had one too, and that she never wears it and that I could have it back! So when you see me riding these days, that's the one. I am so happy.

BUT. I woke this morning to an email from Leisha directing me to this SAHN Classic Helmet which looks pretty much exactly like the one I wear. You want it? GO GET IT!


Blaine Donald said...

Linked over from a Bikeyface blog entry. Small world - another cyclist from Edmonton! There appears to be getting more and more of us on the roads. I rediscovered biking back in '88 and have been commuting\cycling for pleasure ever since. Take care on the roads :-)

Meleny said...

Wow what a cute helmet!

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