Somewhat Chronological Weekend.

October 18, 2012

We're up to fall cycling in puffy vests and gloves. Still getting away without wearing socks and boots!

Currently also writing an email to a girlfriend, noting that it's strange to have time pass very quickly and very slowly at the same time...

It's almost a week ago, but here was last weekend:

Which started with Dexter getting ready for pyjama day at school.

Followed that evening by dinner with lady folk

Next morning I was up bright and early to teach piano. 

That evening after dinner, Dexter proclaimed he was a party animal. There were a few more references to Kung Fu Panda... which is something he must have picked up from my mom & dad's place. 

Sunday, was brunch!

The wet afternoon weather meant landscaping was out of the question. So we did something we rarely do together as a family. We went to the mall! So funny. I needed to get new pants (AGAIN), and pick up some books as gifts for upcoming kids birthdays. Don needed to go to the apple store.

While we were out, Dexter sampled some oversized furniture.

And, Sunday evening featured us bringing Sunterra apple pie to a pot luck. 

Nice having Don around to tow the trailer. 

And after riding with the trailer on the Mixte almost every day, the bike feels weightless without the kids!

Speaking of which...

Oh, and Alice received the most adorable and well-made little baby outfit from Jill. Thank you!

Work, kids and fun. Fun, kids and work. Kids are fun and work... I mean uh...

 Life currently features lots of everything!


Cheryl said...

I'm hanging onto my slip on shoes as long as possible. I contemplated boots the other day then thought "No, you will be wearing them for the next 5 months, put em down!"
Sweet outfit and babe!

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