Domestic Life!

November 2, 2012

My weeks are flying by with work stuff, house stuff, and mom stuff. 

Like taking Dexter to school! I have been getting my babysitter to arrive earlier so that I can pedal faster  to Dexter's class. Alice is super sturdy so the bumps aren't much of a problem anymore, but she is HEAVY. When she is not with us, we stick Dexter's back pack in her infant sling.

In other domestic updates, here is Dexter's shufflebot Halloween costume!

Their babysitter, Emily, dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld (her friend went as Anna Wintour on the weekend) so I suggested we make baby Alice up to look a bit like a Chanel model. 

Dexter got in on the photo action with shutter shades on underneath his robot head. So cute!

So far my winter biking tips? As always... get studded tires! Then it feels exactly like regular biking.

Not much more to it.

Maybe a bit of practice too:)


Simply Bike said...

I definitely think that I will look into studded tires this winter!

And how cute are all of their costumes!? Love the Karl Lagerfeld + Chanel baby model combo :)

the piri-piri lexicon said...

Got a similar set up for our winter... but we don't get enough snow for studded tyres, I think...

Jessica said...

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