For The Love of Snow.

November 29, 2012

Dexter Take the Train.

Last Dexter wouldn't even put his snow pants on. This year, he is wearing them like a super champ and conquering the cold and snow! I even taught him that you could wear a hat, and then put your hood OVER the hat as a double layer. Blew his mind.

Some days I am feeling a little too tired to ride the bike. Just as I was feeling sluggish and guilty about not riding, I remembered that the mini bus that comes past my house does so just in time for us to catch the train and then get to school. We were door to door in 15 minutes flat! Very impressive.


In the realm of being wintery and things keeping us warm, I am over the moon for these mukluks I bought last month. My feet have never been warmer. And I have never been able to walk so quickly over the ice and snow! I even bought a pair of indoor moccasins for Sable's birthday. She seems to be a convert too.

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Miss Sarah, I love the look of these boots! I was thinking about getting them, but wondering if the fur could be said to have been "ethically" gotten. What do you think? Did you have any misgivings about getting these boots?

Lorraine said...

How tall were these? I want a pair but I am not sure if I should get the 12/13 inch or 15/16 inch?

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