The Past Few Weeks...

November 26, 2012

Saturday by Train.

The past few weeks have featured Don and the kids all taking turns being incredibly ill with whatever annual flu is going around. It included a fever for the boys (one that Dexter got TWICE) and incredibly obnoxious coughing all around. I got the cough, but no other symptoms other than intense fatigue from the many consecutive nights of over-and-beyond night shift (as opposed to normal 6 month-old night shift).

That said, life goes on!

Friday Night Train

Edmonton continues to be dark and cold.

I biked down to the train in heels on a Friday night, to enjoy drinks and dinner with friends downtown, without having to find parking.

Heels on LRT

I have been nursing my sweet little babies back to health.

Recovery Dexter

Amidst the increased household duties with my sick family (hello, barf laundry), I still had time to comb the newly opened Simons (drool) and boss Don into some sweet new things. I am happy to report that some Simons dress shirts come in a slimmer cut, and with extra long sleeves! They also have a relationship with Harris Tweed and therefore, are carrying some majorly fly items for my Scottish man. Apparently Don's ancestors come from the isle of... Harris? Way back when.

Sorry ladies, I only found menswear in the glorious tweed.


Here is my teething baby.

Teething Alice.

And Don managed to take a picture of me when I was coming back in from errands the other week. Our 15-85 lens fell and cracked in August, and he was happy to show me that McBain was able to repair it! I am really impressed, it's as good as new.

Day Off Business.

Notice how when I come in the door from errands, I am eating a Twizzler. That's how I roll.

Things have been icy and constantly below freezing. I have been making good use of my wide variety of boots, scarves, gloves, and mitts. Hope you're all staying healthy and warm out there! It's only November and we've got a long way to go. So far, other than dealing with my sick family, my emotional wellbeing remains intact. Onwards toward the holiday season!


Cheryl West-Hicks said...

I sympathize. I too currently have a teething 9 month old and a sick toddler.
I just ping ponged between their rooms last night.
Cute errands outfit.

aem2 said...

I hope everyone gets well soon. But I have to know how you always manage to go outside in the freezing cold with shoes and no socks! I just broke out the winter boots, and I fear my feet will stay encased until March.

anniebikes said...

Ah the dreaded cold upon cold season. It hit our family as well. Keep on truckin', er, I mean cycling and skiing and all that good public transportation thing.

miss sarah said...

Cheryl - I love knowing I am not alone.

aem2 - Thanks for the well-wishes, kids are on the mend! You're right, it's definitely socks season. I think I was in a rush that night and forgot!

Annie - Hee hee, time is passing very quickly AND very slowly at the same time, if you know what I mean.

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