Winter Weekend.

November 12, 2012

Don and I had a spot of free time after I was done teaching on Saturday, so we went for another ski! This time I focused less on trying to go fast, and more on trying to go properly. Lots of fun! Again, we just went on along the top of the river bank. Quick and easy. Walked there and back.

In my quest to embrace winter I have also gotten a pair of Laurentian Chief Moccasins. Man, where have these been all my life? They're the warmest and most comfortable things I have ever worn. Is this what people feel like when they wear UGGS?

The pair I bought for at-home slippers are these ones. And I also got these outdoor Mukluks

All courtesy of the shoe repair guy's store at Southgate Mall. I have been hearing other shoe repair places also carry these. Changed my life. Seriously. 

The day after last week's first big snow, I was back on the bike taking Dexter to school. It was the first time to say hello to biking with goggles again!

And after much complaining and griping (from what I could see on Twitter), I'm sure people were pleased to see the graders out and about. I'm not saying that it's always ideal out there, but we live in a winter city. Like... a VERY winter city. Sure it gets hairy for a while after a fresh snow. I'm just surprised at how many people seemed totally broken from the first big snowfall. Usually I can hang tough until about mid-April. The early spring snowfalls tend to crush my spirit a little, but the first major one in November? Come. On. 

Obviously it helps to be prepared. Don't expect to go driving and to have an exceptionally good time in bad road conditions. Yes, your walk requires shovelling. And it may require shovelling every few hours if you want to be on top of your game. Get a proper coat and boots. I even keep an emergency toque in my bag, just in case. 

Winter is a lot more fun when you're not complaining about things you can prepare for. Now the magnitude of snow... that's just something the universe unleashes. And it is what it is. At least we have sun! And no hurricanes or typhoons. No giant spiders and few poisonous insects. No earthquakes. 

I like where we live. 

And finally, the weekend also featured an evening at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. It was my first time. Although I loved seeing all the kids in their cowboy hats on the train with their parents - I'm not signing Dexter up for lessons on how to hang on to a bucking mare! Yikes.

We went there on the train. Naturally!

How have you guys been dealing with the big snow? Everybody still hanging in there? It's going to be a loooong winter :)


Brit said...

"we live in a winter city"

This made me laugh. I live in Houston, and EVERY YEAR, without fail, people gripe about how hot it is in the summer. Well, it's summer about 9 months of the year here, and this summer was no different than the summer before, or the summer before that. Besides, it's not like most people are forced to spend an inordinate amount of time outdoors. I mean, we all go from our air conditioned houses to our air conditioned cars to our air conditioned offices and back again. Get over it or move.

Simply Bike said...

Great attitude! I really enjoyed your last post on embracing your winter city as well. It's all about how you look at something and what you make of it, right? I am also so jealous of you getting to ski! I went cross country skiing when I lived in Canada when I was younger (and showshoeing) and I always loved it. Hope you continue to make the most of the snow and winter activities that Alberta has to offer!

Melissa said...

I'm looking forward to our first big snow! Living in southern-ish U.S., we're not quite there yet (but we did get freezing rain that turned into hail this I'm definitely embracing winter this year, I just hope it embraces me back!

rita said...

thanks for sharing some positive outlook on this abrupt winter, miss s!
I have yet to get the studded tires on the electra, and a pair of goggles, therefore I have been taking the bus this last week. This daily commute gave me the chance to get started some of my knitting projects :)

miss sarah said...

Brit - "Get over it or move" I love it! I'm all for noting unpleasant weather, but I'm also all for trying to do whatever I can to mitigate circumstances that are basically beyond my control. Air con. Heat. Boots. A sweater. People need to get on top of things!

Simply - Come up here any time to ski with us! And bring baby and dog, of course. I haven't gone snow shoeing in a long time, but those are easy to get a hold of.

Melissa - Freezing rain is not nearly as magical or beautiful as a thick snow:)

Rita - I don't know if I'd bother studding the electra. I always assumed it would be strange to ride in the winter because the weight is so far back. Perhaps studs would be better suited to your hybrid?

Like you, I took transit today. I forgot how easy it is!

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