#YEG Gift Guide

November 30, 2012


In anticipation for the Royal Bison this weekend, I thought I would share a Miss Sarah #yeg specific gift guide for you all. I'm at the point now where I like to give things that are beautiful and useful (ideally both, but definitely one or the other). I'm super excited to go RB browsing after teaching on Saturday, and here are a few local haunts I also like to do my shopping at.

Here are some things that I would love to be on the receiving end of (and would be fab for anybody):

A Selgado Fenwick T-Shirt. City and Dale just did a little write up on the t-shirt duo and I have to say the Selgado Fenwick shirt I have has been worn and worn and worn. Don has a bear one.


Mine has whales!

They will be available at the Royal Bison this weekend.

Selgado Fenwick T-Shirt

A Gabe Wong Calendar.

Somehow I missed Gabe at the fair last year and have thusly only been able to enjoy this calendar by proxy at Lisa's house. I'm not sure if he has one for 2013, but I counting on it. The vendors list says he will be at the RB - so whatever he has going on, I know it'll be worth picking up!

Gabe Wong 2012 Calendar

A Book of Art:

The Raymond Biesinger B+W Book.

The grand daddy of Royal Bison is going to be there himself, slinging his wares, including this new book of illustrations. Raymond is an old newspaper friend of Don and myself, and his work can be found on our bungalow walls!

Raymond Biesenger's B+W


Biesenger's lady love will also be featured at the RB fair, with her beautiful designs under the label, Ursa Minor. A few of us #yeg ladies are highly anticipating seeing her leather leggings up close and personal.

Bike Light:

If you're looking for a very Miss Sarah stocking stuffer, you should go get a bunch of these MEC Plasma USB charging LED rear lights. They're bright. They're blinky. They're rechargeable with a cord into your computer. The best!


Cally's Teas has the most adorable selection of little gifts like mugs, tea things, cards, and little old-school treats for kids such as a slinky or harmonica. And obviously, lots of beautiful teas from around the world! My current favourite is the Cream of Earl Grey.

Bubbles & Booze:

Obviously, a very lovely gift to get and to share is a bottle of something lovely. I love the selection at Bin 104, which is just on top of the stairs from Bay Station.

Pilates Gift Certificate:

The only thing I do in the health department besides ride my bike and walk to the train, is Pilates. It's the best. I had chronic back pain for years, and continually attending Pilates class has been the only thing that has permanently dealt with the situation (after two rounds of physio and massages, which offers some relief). Additionally, Pilates kept me going during my pregnancy, and all that core work has also resulted in a remarkably speedy recovery post-baby. I feel my muscles and joints are more balanced and I am overall stronger than ever before. It's an amazing feeling when your body is functioning at its peak!

Though not your typical work out with accompanying burn and sweat, you sure feel amazing, stretchy, and strong. I attend class at Pialtes EQ every week at the new Roots building, and would highly recommend it to anybody, regardless of age or health goals. For all those #yeg mamas, there is also a great little drop-in daycare where you can leave your baby for an hour or two if you want to just catch a class and grab a coffee.

So there are some great local businesses and creatives to consider checking out if you're in the giving mood, a la Miss Sarah. Obviously, you will be able to find all this and more at the fair this weekend, where I look forward to browsing some of my other favourite local designers:

Jason Blower - I love his whimsical prints depicting scenes from our city! Have been known to mail his postcards out to many an expatriate friend.

Cinder + Smoke - Wore a dress of hers until it was rag-worthy. Have been coveting a new dress, but was way too pregnant last summer and too postpartum (size-changing) this past summer. This weekend will be my time to shine!

Kiko Jewelry - A fellow #yegmama who makes the most delicate things. I brought back a necklace a year after I bought it because it started snagging my clothes, and she painstakingly filed it down for me. Customer service to the max.

BangBang Bijoux - Rachel, the creator of big and bold jewelry that kept me feeling creative when I wore the same 3 shirts over and over again during pregnancy.

Ameya Studio - I tried her Lavender Earl Grey (I think that's what it was) hand cream at a friend's house and snagged a pot of my own when I saw her at the pop up shop on 124 Street last spring. Seriously amazing stuff, especially when you have dry skin and live in a winter city.

Sarah Jackson - Looking forward to picking up some "Jam" related things for the little people who have recently arrived in the world. Dexter has a Jam t-shirt that he wears whenever it is clean and Lisa once bought me the jam story (autographed!) when Dexter was just a baby. Such a great story about self-acceptance (always a work in progress over here).

With that, I bid you happy local shopping!


Liz H. said...

I have to say that I love your connection with your city. I'm still getting started in life--finishing up grad school, moving soon, likely moving a few years after that--and I'm totally jealous of the stability and root-ed-ness of your family. I love your stories about going downtown for events, about summer festivals, and this gift guide is adorable. :)

Heather said...

Awesome bike gift for people who like butts and bikes:
Has pictures of pretty girls on bikes and hot dudes on bikes. Plus all proceeds go to the non-profit Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective in Tempe, AZ, USA!

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