Cold & Snowy Family Bike!

December 5, 2012

snowmobile 1

Oh, what horrifyingly bad photos taken in the dark at FOUR pm on Sunday. Yes, it's dark up here!

Don had just taken and gotten his bike back with winter tires on it, so he was very eager to ride in the snow. We were attending a little party in the next neighbourhood over (Don's childhood friend was in town, and said friend's father was turning 70!), which worked out to be the perfect ten minute winter ride.

snowmobile 3

Since I have been the only one winter-towing the children, we agreed that it would be good for Don to haul the extra cargo. I'm glad to hear him report that it's not just me who finds it quite the work out. He reckoned the whole rig with both kids in it probably weighs as much as me!

snowmobile 2

It was the perfect winter ride. The roads have been generally cleared to packed down due to traffic. It was cold enough that things were crunchy as opposed to gummy. And, the kids were cozy in their snow things.

We showed up at the party, threw the bikes in the backyard, went in and handed the children off to those who find a toddler and infant a novelty, and quickly sought out the wine!


perthcyclist said...

wow, that looks like fun ;)

Linda said...

I love what a perfectly honest parent you are. Also I think you make your icey, cold winter city seem absolutly charming.

shervin said...

hi sarah!
could u tell me how can I enter tour de france? thanks
(i'm living in Iran)

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