Return of Leanne!

December 21, 2012


For years and years Leanne and I always stood as a united front, welcoming and entertaining our expatriate friends during their holiday home-visits.

Now that Leanne and Dan have moved to New York (she's doing a masters in food security at NYU), she IS one of the expatriate friends that comes home for the holidays. I am the last woman standing here.

Although it's great to catch up and pick up where we left off, the wonderful thing about having your best friends come home is the extra sets of hands for getting things done! The kind of hands that know their way around your kitchen without instruction. The kind that help you bath your babies. The kind that makes you chocolate cake and gourmet mac n' cheese. The kind that grab an allen key, jack up the seat on your winter bike, grab your winter helmet, and bike down to Fort Edmonton with your toddler for a preschool winter field trip!


It's so cold (-18C/-1F with 77% humidity), Don pulled out his old parka from the 90s. He is planning on getting this one all smokey for the bonfire we're having tonight to celebrate the solstice.

Winter Passenger

Dexter's sour face is from us smushing his head through the straps of his trailer fasteners, easing his massive parka hood through. He doesn't like being manhandled.

Bon Voyage

Leanne threw her stuff in the rear basket.

Field Trip

And off they go! It sounds weird, but the road conditions are much better after it has snowed a bunch of times and gotten solidly cold and frozen. Better than the melty oatmeal stuff.


Oh yeah, and having friends around is also handy for helping out with baby-related domestic duties.

Like with bath time!

Domestic Rituals

And capturing baby Alice's EPIC cheeks.


And as a mama who has been busy with this and that over the last week, I am just happy to observe.


Looking forward to our solstice party tonight, which I am only minimally preparing for. Am planning on making loads of mulled wine, wearing my flannel shirt and mukluks, and putting out some cheese. DONE!

Don is in charge of the fire and strategic wind-sheilded tree stump seating.

I am hoping we sound intensely Canadian to you right now.


babble on said...

You do. And you are!

I agree with you about the roads when it's snowy and cold... waaaay better than that soft, slushy, mushy oatmeal stuff we get out here.

Happy trails, happy solstice, and happy christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love your:
1. baby snapshots
2. blouse
3. nail polish
4. uplifting winter spirit

Keep on keepin' on, Miss Sarah!
Merry Christmas :)

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