Second Day in Guongzhou

December 30, 2012

Library Back View

I'll let the photos do most of the talking, since there are a lot of them! Second day in Guongzhou included exploring their newly opened public library, hitting up the museum, checking out the public plaza around all this new development, eating dim sum (never gets old), combing through a massive multilevel bookstore, and observing street life.

 Guongzhou Library

Guongzhou Library

Tall Stacks

Fuzzy Hat Reads

Yeema Reads


Siew Mai

IFC and Construction




Vending Yams

Street Read

Old Jacket


Street Stop

Bike Crate

Candy Man


thebinster said...

I understand that the opera hall by Zaha Hadid is quite the sight. Is that in one of your photos?

miss sarah said...

Yes! But, I also hear that the opera hall started leaking a yearnafternit was built and is shoddy in its construction. Such a pity for such an amazing design.

rita said...

Wow, I wish I could live in that library! Looks impressive. Do they have books in different languages as well?
Love to live your trip vicariously through your pics, thank you for sharing! :)

Ridonkulus said...

I went to Beijing last year and noticed people seem to favor either folding bikes or electric bikes. The street vendors especially like cargo/tricycle electric bikes. Although my family is Cantonese, I still haven't visited Guangzhou! I was under the impression that Guangzhou and Hong Kong is always warm, but doesn't look like it with everyone wearing jackets. Do you plan on riding that superfast train they just opened from Beijing to Guangzhou?

miss sarah said...

rita - they had some English books, but mostly ESL sorts of things. There was a very thin version of Great Expectations, which was annotated humourously. And Don spent a lot of time reading a book of quotes by famous people:) After a while, I gave up and found some comics with pictures and no words!

Ridonkulus - Yes, foldies were EVERYWHERE!Lots of Dahon looking ones, with different stickers on them. And tons of rusty beaters. People ride like they're insane. It makes a Manhattan bike courier look tame.

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