SNAP Print Affair.

December 10, 2012

print affair

Since I was busy with the babies this past summer, I didn't get a chance to go to any of the Latitude53 rooftop parties. I also missed their Art of Schmoozy holiday party, and I missed SNAP gallery's Love Those Clothes event this past spring. In short, mom duties have been keeping me from a few parties.

Making up for lost time, Don and I went triple party hopping on Saturday night. The first party was the SNAP holiday print affair - which was all sorts of awesome. It's a pretty great thing when your city has a print making non-profit that is healthy enough to have upgraded its space to both a workshop and gallery (same building, different entrances). SNAP also hosts sales and classes on a regular basis, so if you're near the 124 Street area, you should think about stopping in if only just to see what is currently on display.

gallery side

On the gallery side, I ran into Janice!

me & janice

elm was catering, and Nate was surrounded by fans.

tuning in to nate

On the studio side people showed up in their beautiful parkas.

parka perfect

I wore my mom's old fur from the 80s that hung in the back.

mama's mink

And in the the studio there was... print making!


printing party

And, print BUYING. I am so in love with this annual party because you can do your super unique Christmas shopping too. Picking up prints made by local artists, one-of-a-kind cards, and their beautiful print calendar. It's so pretty that you can basically mount and frame each month when you're done and have a piece of art forevermore.

photo op

It's fun to also snoop around the premises.


straight shot

Oh, and you can buy prints right off the wall too. Just take it off and take it to the cashier in the back.

print shopping at the print shop


There was a little room for photo booth type portrait opportunities.

wow factor

And, old friends you see too infrequently.


I'll write more about the other parties in another post, since I hear a baby crying down the hall...

'Tis the season to support local artists, your local print making cooperative, and to party!


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