Winter Solstice!

December 23, 2012


I am pleased to report that operation winter bonfire was a resounding success! We had plenty of fuel and Don cut up a cheap foamy yoga mat to serve as bum-pads for the chairs and logs. Insulating your bum is one of the keys to outdoor winter warmth. You heard it here!

Friends brought over some beautiful birch from the dead tree that recently came out of their backyard. It smelled like mountain fire!

Don chopped some additional logs that afternoon and spent a significant amount of time splitting wood on a -20C afternoon. He is quite the winter man. In the end times I really hope he is on my team.


He also constructed an ice bar on the other side of his strategically shovelled wind break.

Ice bar.

Guests were instructed to bring their own go-cups. Nielsen's was a DIY Miami Vice one!

Miami Vice Go Cup

Outside, even Dexter was cozy with his snow pants and two hats. I made him wear an old set of pyjamas underneath his regular outfit for lots of layers. And two pairs of socks.

Solstice Dexter

Simon and Eve! Sitting right in front of the fire is actually super warm.


Tom looked AMAZING. He had the perfect top layering plaid. The perfect gloves. The perfect boots. And a toque from the 80s. I think he lasted out there longer than anyone else.


Oh, it was dark and cold, but spirits were jolly.


Inside, we documented the Christmas sweaters.

Christmas Sweater.

I got our babysitter extreme, Emily, to come and help me with the kids so I would have the flexibility to host my guests (being a mama is all about planning ahead).

Emily & Alice

Lady friends were enjoying their mulled wine in travel mugs.


Inside, the layers had to come off.


Surrogate mommy Leisha took a shift with baby Alice.

Surrogate Mommy.

And Tom was photographing with his father's old polaroid! I shook mine and ruined it.


Based on the happy feelings I had at the end of the night, I definitely think we'll be repeating the solstice festivities in the future. Also, more outdoor winter bonfires just because they're warm and cozy!

Hope you guys are all staying warm and enjoying your holidays so far. We're running the gauntlet of seeing the massive hoard of out-of-town friends in the next few days. Busy, but so fun!


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