Jasper Park Lodge!

April 30, 2012

Since becoming a councillor, Don was assigned a place on the Edmonton Public Library Board. He usually attends this Annual Library Conference that is held at the Jasper Park Lodge and I've only gone along with him once. 

You can read about the last trip in the archives. Due to schedules and work, we don't always make it out. I'm glad we scheduled time off to attend this year, however, since it was tons of fun to take Dexter and spend some only-child time with him before the baby arrives!

We didn't bother bringing our own bikes since Don is working the whole time and I am taking care of the little dude. Instead, Dexter just brought his traded push-bike and paddled all over the place while I hobbled along. 

The greatest attraction of attending this conference in the Canadian Rockies is... having an incredible view of the rockies! They look awesome no matter what time of day.

Speaking of which, here is Dexter watching people enjoy the outdoor swimming pool during sunset. 

And he gets pretty excited about his "new bed" at his "new house."

Some of the time it was clear and sunny.

Perfect for push biking on and off road.

Other times it was overcast. 

While Dad was working, we explored the grounds on the bike, and played at the little park. 

Visited the mini trade show where Dexter got to read an environmental kid's book, Never Bug a Bear, with the author, Carol McTavish. I got him a signed copy, and picked up a few other prairie-specific kids books.

We had a sunny patio lunch with Daddy and some friends.

In fact, there was lots of quality family time this weekend - Yay!

Dexter always seemed to miss the Elk sightings, but he was pretty excited about all the squirrels. Clearly he has yet to experience the Toronto ones... that are huge and black. Ours are striped and brown and still sort of cute. 

Amidst family time was also party time, like the fun little gathering at this cabin. 

Dexter is a juice fiend.

In my down time I read my book and enjoyed the view from my room. 

Oh, and I ate dessert with basically every meal. The food at the lodge is super tasty.

It was sad to leave and go home. 

Hopefully I'll get the chance to return next year, with new baby in tow and Dexter on a bigger bike!

Spirit of Spring 2012.

April 27, 2012

For the last couple of years Don and I have been asked to volunteer model at the Spirit of Spring Fashion Show, a fundraiser for McDougall House

This year, since I am sporting the most impressive accessory of all (baby bump), I wasn't able to model all the pretty things. Though, they were still interested in having tall-man Don strut his stuff and invited Raffaella and I along to blog and photograph the event! 

The weather was amazing, and I was able to ride without cardigan, coat, or tights. 

Perfect spring weather (though dusty), goes well with delicious spring luncheon. 

All thanks to the organization and efforts of these fine ladies, and volunteers, and all the retailers that participate in providing the clothes and silent auction items.

Speaking of which, the silent auction at this event is always stellar.

Headcase Hats!

Well-heeled Edmonton ladies visiting and bidding.

And finally, the show begins with clothes and shoes from Gravity Pope.

I think this outfit was from Sonia's Runway...

And the cutest little outfits and models were representing Alligator Pie.

Then, super fun colours from Who Cares Wear (I could never pull off those floral bottoms).

Everybody like the dude models all dressed up by Derk's Menswear.

Oh hey, that's Don!

High-fives with Orville.

Oh, and here is Mary (old friend) modelling for TK Clothing.

And my favourite collection was from Oak + Fort. I actually went today to buy a dress that is so Miss Sarah that it pains me to report they didn't have my post-pregnancy size in stock. WAH! Instead I got a super cropped and slouchy deconstructed sweat shirt (looks like I am a crew member of the Nebuchadnezzer in The Matrix) on super sale.

 And here are a few pretty dresses from Liliana's Boutique.

After everything was done, Don went to go unlock his bike.

And it was time to ride back to the south side, with a quick pit stop for gelato and some espresso beans, before picking up our little D.

So fun to enjoy a spring day supporting a great organization, being part of a fun event, and riding our bikes there and back again. Ideal!

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