Dexter's 3rd Birthday Party!

May 28, 2012

We represented at Dexter's first birthday, and then again on his second birthday... 

It only makes sense that his third birthday was also going to be a blast! 

His party was actually a combo birthday with Don's, since their birthdays are only 5 days apart and Don is the sort of guy who doesn't really care about his birthday. Regardless, we were excited to use the LEGO candles that uncle Richard gave Dexter at Christmas, and I ordered up a cake from Whimsical Cupcakes

Despite all his friends being there, Dexter was most interested in following his grandpa around, and going out to the backyard to survey the BBQ situation.

Then, the men in my life (Don, Dexter, and Dad) found a cozy bungalow spot to eat their lunch.

Cousin Keira.

Birthday boy!

Mama dishes out some cake.


All gone!

Usually I make more of an effort to photograph people and things, but with the new baby and all the guests and ordering people around (I have very accommodating friends and family), I had my hands full.

It makes me feel proud to see my little dude opening the door to welcome people to his party, and always saying hello and thank you. He is such a wonderful little gentleman, and is really sweet to his mommy, daddy, and baby Alice. I feel lucky to have such a rad kid!

Looking forward to next year's birthday. I'm going to try and get away with these BBQ home-parties for as long as I can before (so I hear) things are supposed to become more elaborate...

Happy Birthday, Dexter!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little D!

May 25, 2012

Lots of firsts on Dexter's birthday today! We chose his favourite calculator t-shirt to wear, had a hearty breakfast, and loaded up our red wagon for its inaugural outing.

Dexter helped his dad put the wagon together last night, and as such, was CRAZY excited about using it today. Luckily for me, he enjoys climbing in and out of it more than he enjoys pulling it around (which makes things much more efficient, since I'm the wagon-operator).

It was also Alice's first LRT excursion!

So the wagon is really great for lugging around a variety of things. The only thing to get used to is that the pulling is really different from pushing a stroller. I would venture to say it's more effort, but it's fine so long as you adjust your posture and don't lock up your elbow the way I always do (I'm a hyper-extender).

You also have to be careful when going up sharp curves. It's easy to get the first two wheels up, and the rear wheels need a little bit of assistance. It was okay on the train, but it might be difficult to get on and off a bus that doesn't dip down or have a ramp to accommodate you.

Lastly, you HAVE to use the elevator when going from the train platform (downtown) to street level. With a stroller I was able to use the escalators, or if the stars were aligned, I could often just carry the stroller up the stairs. No such luck with the wagon.

I am still quite pleased with it, since it means not buying another stroller that accommodates a sometimes-walker and an infant. This way when we're done with the wagon for transportation purposes, it can be converted to Dexter & Alice's wagon for... kids wagon stuff? My brother and I had a red flyer wagon when we were younger and we got up to all sorts of trouble with that thing (we had a very steep driveway).

Waiting for the train. New wagon for the kids, new shiny gold shoes for mom.

We ran some errands downtown, did a little shopping, and went to Churchill Square to have lunch al fresco. Really, the birthday "treat" part was taking the train ride, even though Dexter goes every week (at least) for the library. My kid really digs the LRT!

Dexter had his choice of Thai noodles or a hot dog from the vendors for lunch. He chose a hot dog with ketchup. How gourmet.

My little dude is so grown up now. I can't believe it was three years ago when he looked like this.

He is getting all sorts of goofy, smart, and awesome lately. He has transitioned into being an older brother really well, and we're super proud of him for making this adjustment fairly seamlessly!

Looking forward to your party this weekend, little D. Lots of love from your Mommy, Dad, and baby Alice!

'Tis the Season for Street Cars.

May 24, 2012

It's that time of year again... for STREET CARS! 

Not to be mistaken for trains (the Edmonton Radial Railway Society guys are very particular about this), the High Level Street car ride is a super treat for Dexter. With baby Alice's arrival, we are making sure to go out and do things that are fun for little D too. So off to Old Strathcona we went, and caught what I believe is the No. 33.

On the way, Dexter demonstrates how he is relatively the same size as a fire hydrant. 

Since I am nursing, baby Alice goes wherever I go.

Street cars are partly so charming because of their history. I love all the squeaking and the sounds of bells.

And finally, two months after everywhere else, we have blossoms!

I am a fan of flat shoes for my "mom" moments. The other day I was wearing Shellys. Also, these street car seats are super cool since they switch back and forth. You never have to ride backwards if you don't want, or you can change the seats so you're facing your fellow passengers.

Public transit from the past, way more social than single-occupancy motor vehicles today.

Dexter likes to wave at people outside and tell them, "We're riding in the street car!"

Over the bridge and back again.

During our ride, baby Alice woke up once so I fed her on the return journey. She is proving herself very portable and happy to eat and snooze while out and about, just like Dexter (thankfully) was. If she is like her brother, then she will be less excited about napping on-the-go when she is more aware and curious. For now, I'll enjoy the portable infant who likes the sleep-inducing rumbles of being pushed about in a stroller!

First Week of Alice.

May 21, 2012

Baby Alice with Mommy's Puffy Feet

So far life with baby Alice is awesome! People kept saying you couldn't have two chilled-out babies. Apparently, if one was easy (big eater and sleeper), then there was no way you would be blessed with that sort of temperament again. 

If what they say is true, then I suppose my response would be (now that she has arrived and we've gone through our first week together), there are exceptions to every rule. 

Bracing myself for what may have been the complete opposite of Dexter's infant days, I kept reminding my pregnant-self that both of the kids would be different, anyway. So it's stupid to expect any one thing... since your baby is just going to be who she is.

Imagine my delight upon discovering that Alice is RAD. She nurses like a champ, and then sleeps like a log. She wakes up and sort of wiggles around, which is a sign for mama to come and change her diaper. And then she sort of smacks her lips like a milk-zombie to notify me that it's time to have snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. Anybody who sees me over this summer should not be surprised to see me nursing much of the time.

So far my recovery has been good! Though, I shudder to think about what postpardum is like for anybody who wasn't active and mobile to begin with. My pelvis feels like a giant bruise, which results in me making old-lady noises whenever I am getting up or sitting down. Luckily, Alice passes out for several hours at a time during the night, so I've been treated to 2-3 nights of decent sleep in a row, which is a big bonus. More sleep = feeling much better much sooner.

The bungalow is currently host to some really beautiful flowers sent by very sweet people.

And, I've had lots of friends bring treats and meals for us. We have received slow-cooker pot roast, salads, home-made chicken noodle soup... and on Friday, Leisha and Jason brought us Sunterra burgers via bike! 

Now that I know about this burger pack thing you can pre-order at Sunterra, I think I am going to have to spend more Friday nights doing this!

The weekend featured our first City Market of the season. It's now year-round, but I am usually teaching on Saturdays and don't get the opportunity to go, so I am only free to partake in the market during its outdoor season. It was actually really cold, but we warmed up with street waffles and ran into lots of people excited to see our newly expanded family.

Otherwise, we've been taking it pretty easy! 

We're spending this time getting rest, doing things around the house, and helping Dexter with his new role of big brother. He is really sweet and loves to kiss the baby, and always thinks about her in the day to day stuff. For example, he says things like, "It's time for baby Alice to eat breakfast!" and stuff like that. Super sweet. Though, he is displaying some attention-seeking behaviour which is understandable, but requires everybody's patience. I am just happy that our little D isn't acting mean or aggressively towards the baby, if anything, his stalling tactics are sort of cute. He just wants to spend time with mommy and daddy.

And there is my little family in the first week of Alice's arrival. She is still looking pretty squishy, sleepy, and baby-like, but her features will start to take shape soon. I can't wait to see her with her eyes open more often!

37 Weeks - Part 2

May 17, 2012

Following my other post about the first half of my 37th week, the very end of it involved... having baby Alice!

I have been telling everybody she is 2 weeks early (38 weeks), but I suppose technically she is actually tail-end 37th week, if you're the sort of person that likes to split hairs. 

She is still looking pretty newborn, squishy, and sleepy, but you will all no doubt see more of her over these summer months. 

Welcome, baby Alice Iveson!

She may  have been early, but she was definitely not undersized. Shockingly, she even outdid Dexter in the weight department (he was 7 lbs, 8 oz), coming out at 8 lbs, 7 oz; 21.5 inches. Anybody who knows anything about babies, knows this is a large and healthy child for a petite lady (me) and two weeks early too!

The most important thing to report is that everybody is healthy, happy, and doing very well.

Later on in the recovery room, a bunch of family descended upon us. My dad is such the super grandpa, with his animal crackers and his games.

And Dexter is being super duper sweet to his new sister! He loves to rock baby Alice in the chair and give her kisses and sing to her, even if it means waking her up from her happy sleep.

Things are busy here with two little ones, but I've got lots of help and support. One of my rules about having babies is saying yes to help, and being very direct and specific about what is helpful. Looking forward to reporting in again soon, with more pictures and stories of our recently expanded family!

37 Weeks - Part 1

May 16, 2012

{I began writing this post last week...}

Last week I was pleased to experience a lapse in joint-pain... only to have it return with a vengeance in the last 24 hours. Curses! At least I had a nice 7 day reprieve from needing to move around like a senior citizen. Everybody reasonable keeps reminding me that it's just my body getting ready for the baby, so it just means I'm getting closer and closer to meeting the little lady. 

Funny, how this is my 2nd pregnancy, but in many ways it feels like my first. I had no limitations with Dexter's pregnancy so these aches and pains are foreign to me. 

And ironically, it's not cycling that brings about the pelvic pain. I must have my saddle in the perfect position because as long as my pelvis is stationary, I feel fine. It's the sitting down and getting up or laying down and getting out of bed that seem to be the major culprits. That, and staying in any one position for too long. 

The first half of my 37th week feature lots of treats and fun!

Students have been bringing me lovely flowers and things as thanks for a fun year in piano. 

In addition to riding around enjoying the sunshine, I have also been taking the train for downtown fun.

In new "cycling" shoes!

Treating my lady friend to a birthday dinner at the Marc.

Popping into the Guru Gala at the AGA.

Riding over to Transcend to have waffles and coffee with friends.

Playing with cameras.

Drinking lots of fizzy water.

Spying on other friends.

Enjoying afternoon tea.

With some of my other lady friends who bike.

And also, taking my little D to Fort Edmonton for rides on the street car!

I just wrapped up with work last week on Thursday, and happened to fit in all this fun stuff in 48 hours. Who knew that I would be having my baby at the very end of 37 weeks!

To Be Continued...

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