Summer Camp.

July 30, 2012

I didn't manage to get on the bike last weekend because we were camping at Elk Island

I never did any camping when I was a kid, and went on my first camp trip when I was approximately 18 years old, with friends. It's a real treat to go now that I'm married to a camping guy and have camping friends.

Dexter wanted to be just like his dad, and insisted on taking his shirt off to set up our super tarp (it was super hot that day). 

Camping is fun because you get to go strolling and look at stuff like this:

And this:

You can snuggle up to your honey in a folding chair. 

Get ready to relieve some stress.

Play house with your temporary outdoor kitchen.

Grill things over a fire.

Be a good helper.

And have enjoy sunsets. 

I'd write more, but I've got a baby who is hungry and I think the photos say it all!

Camping is super fun. This was my first time taking the kids and I am happy to report that it was a success. Dexter really enjoyed himself with his "helping" with everything from tents to getting firewood, and baby Alice seems to like the fresh air so much that it puts her to sleep all the time.


I am now obsessed with tent trailers and ladies hiking boots in size 5. Will report back when I have more news to share on these topics that must be so interesting to you all!

Birthday Time!

July 26, 2012

It's that time of year again.


My umbrella and I made our way down the rainy street to the LRT.

3 stops later and a quick prance across a mini-bridge, I arrived at The Common.

Then it was time to see my friends! 

Like Kris, who remembers a birthday from when we were... 16? It was a BBQ in the park and some of our friends had gotten together to purchase me a sledgehammer. I never thought much of it at the time, but a sledgehammer is a pretty apt tool that represents some aspects of my personality. 


Here is Tom!

Gifts and such.

Opening of gifts and such. 


Crystal & Mark.

Dave & Jill.

L L L Lisa.

I stole Carl's massive watch. It was like lifting weights.

Watermelon mojito.



Home time.

Don had ridden his bike that day and we were going to take the train home together, but Jason and Leisha offered to carpool with us since they were both heading in our direction AND their car was also equipped with a bike rack. 


Another year, another party, another baby. 

32 with no intentions not slowing down!

Gettin' Married!

July 20, 2012

So I'm in a frenzy a few hours before Lisa and Tom's wedding. I go and try on this frock I had been painstakingly starching and ironing for like, 40 minutes. 

I had chosen the dress to wear because it was SO HOT that day and it also had pockets. 

My lactating bosoms. They made my dress fit all wrong. 

I had to drop off the kids at my mom & dad's, and was running late already... so I make for my fancy-clothes-closet and grab the first thing that looks like it might work. Sucked it in, stuffed it in, zipped it up, and prayed that my bosoms wouldn't runneth over as the day progressed. 

Hopped on my bike and pedaled hard over to Mill Creek. I was running so late that Don went ahead and biked before me, since he's much faster cycling on his own. 

When I arrived, the gate's latch was so high up that I needed Mike's assistance to put my bike away. 

Lisa was inside getting primped. 

Then Jessica the photographer arrived. 

We went ahead and did all the wedding-y stuff (ravine ceremony, vows, photos, etc). Then, instead of hailing a cab for 5 people to get downtown, we just went to catch the bus instead.

Tom checks the schedule for the 7.

We waited a few minutes. 

Then it was time to ride pretty.

Newlyweds on transit!

We were hanging out at a shelter for a while before going into the reception, but people kept ogling. 

So we relocated to a parking lot. Sometimes I just need to check my twitter feed in peace.

Speaking of the reception... milk glass and vintage jars make me drool.

So do bubbles.

We were lucky enough to discover where the portable air conditioner was, and staked out a spot in the back taking turns in the sweet spot.

This gave me good photographic creepster opportunities with Janet. 

Soon enough it was my turn to give some remarks. It's so embarrassing that my public speaking involves waving my fist in the air (don't even remember what I was saying). 

Am happy to report that I showed the appropriate amount of emotion in public, while still maintaining my dignity. No ugly crying for me (you know the kind I'm talking about). 


Later on I ditched my camera in favour of holding my massive folding fan while dancing and mingling, so no party pictures for you guys. It was hot and sweaty and fantastic. 

Later on the skies opened up and poured out sheets of rain, so we cab-shared with Rob (who lives in my 'hood), and felt all big-city getting into the cab and saying "two stops". 

Humour me. This doesn't happen very often.


Ursa Minor & Corso32

July 18, 2012

Was excited to combine three of my loves last weekend!

1. Cycling

2. To Dinner at Corso32

3. In my Ursa Minor top that I had purchased last year (it was ill-fitting when I was pregnant)

I was cycling with Don, and made him take a bunch of photos of the aforementioned top billowing in the wind. Stuff like that makes you feel like you're going extra fast, and therefore also makes you feel like you are extra awesome. 

I have been especially fond of flowy tops during our recent heat wave. Once you get moving you experience natural ventilation.

As usual, biking means no traffic and no parking problems. 

Love this place (like everybody else in Edmonton). 

Dinner was extra special because I received a special prezzie!

We ate (crazy ricotta).

And ate (olives).

And ate (halibut).

And ate (ravioli).

With Lisa and Tom.

The next day our friends got married! It was a fantastic day full of bikes, dresses, the bus, dancing, and cab-sharing.

More about all that in my next post!

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