Fringe 2012!

August 31, 2012

I have many friends who are hard core Fringers. They clear the whole 10 days and they're in Old Strathcona ALL THE TIME. And if you're serious about it, that's really the best way. Trying to "schedule" Fringe shows according to the one evening you're available (meaning, without kids) is tough. 

Good thing there are so many shows to choose from, you're bound to stumble across something good, even if it's not your first choice. 

Don and I carved out some time last Friday to fit some shows in before it all wrapped up, and we obviously cycled over. 

Late summer evenings are cold:( 

Needed to bring a jacket. And later on in the evening I regretted not bringing gloves too. 

I ate a "Lambwich" for dinner from this new little village food truck - yum!

Then we got in line to see one of the two shows of the evening. First up was One Man Macbeth. Second was Zack Adams: A Complete History of Zack Adams.

In between shows we went to get frozen yogurt.

And then it was time for our 2nd show, which I liked very much! I also love that the Fringe venues are scattered all across Old Strathcona, which means you get lots of fun pedestrian opportunities. Having a snack on the way to your show, running into friends and getting caught up, or stopping in the shops. It all spells very people-scaled fun.

Apparently this year's Fringe also broke records in terms of attendance - YES! If anybody loves theatre, I would highly recommend visiting Edmonton during this time of year. Tons of entertainment, perfect climate, and lots of bike opportunities. 

The Land.

August 29, 2012

I wrote about visiting the land approximately three years ago when Dexter was 5ish months old - it was such a treat to be invited back for a BBQ!

This is Bryce's family cabin, so he is the only one who is allowed to jump up on tables. 

It's really the ultimate BBQ venue.

They even had a vintage farm, complete with animals, for Julia to play with.

And the nicest outhouse I have ever gone into!

Even out on many acres of land, there is always a bike nearby. This is the touring bike Max rode from Jasper to Banff!

Don lent his expertise on the grill. We are super dorky and are now both proud owners of Selgado Fenwick bear shirts. 

Commence party time.

And the lighting of citronella.

Then Max decided it was time for a photo shoot.

Followed shortly thereafter with a bonfire.

It's not usually my style to spend SO MUCH time outdoors in a recreational way. This summer has been a fantastic opportunity to be out camping, at lake shacks, on boats, and on acreages. It's been a summer full of fresh air, which is one of the prime reasons I enjoy biking.

Can you tell that I am also priming myself for the official end of summer break?

Back to work next week...

But until then, going to make sure this next week is fun fun fun!

Yepp Bike Seat.

August 28, 2012

After much shopping and agonizing, my lady friend, Leisha, decided to get the Yepp front mount bike seat for her almost 2 yr old Emmet. 

Turns out, my 3 yr old (long and tall) Dexter likes it too! Auntie took him for a little spin the other night. They had a great tour around the neighbourhood, with a lot of running commentary on trees and parks. 

I've always nixed the idea of a front-mounted seat for me, because I always knew I'd have two kids and thought the trailer investment was a better way to go. Now that I've seen a bunch of mamas with just the simple and light seat up front? I can definitely see the merits of a quick plop of the kid and then being on your way. 

That being said, I am super short and the top of the kid's head is always right in front of my face. My arms are also short and I have trouble comfortably wrapping them around said kid so... I'm still alright with not having the front mount. 

Though, there is still no denying the close contact with the child and being able to chat and talk and essentially snuggle them the whole time. Awww!

Speaking of riding with kids up front, Simply Bike just did a little blurb about her iBert seat and check out this fantastic little video I was sent, documenting Hazel's first bike ride. 

Riding with kids. A pain to get it set up for infants and multiples (unless you do what I wish we had done in the beginning, which is just splurge on a bakfiets or nihola that could accommodate a car seat), but it's worth it. When you're a cyclist, being off the bike is like walking around without a limb. 

I can't tell you how over-the-moon I am to have everything set up with both kids in one trailer now. I suspect this will be how we're going to ride for the next several years, with obvious modifications to Alice's side of the trailer as she gets bigger and stronger until she can eventually just sit in it as-is. Come next summer season, my Madsen will be good to go with both kids just sitting on the bench with the lap belt. So I'll have trailer and cargo bike to choose from when both are with me! 

I also haven't ruled out getting a rear seat (this is the one I am thinking about) for when I only have one kid, but now I see I am getting ahead of myself again with all my permutations and combinations about biking with kids. Shall stop for now!

The main thing you need to know is there are lots of good options if you have a child that is one year or older, and if you only have one of them. If this is you, I congratulate you and encourage you to enjoy the hell out of it!

House Guests!

August 27, 2012

You know what's really fun? When the bikey-est friends you have are in town for a visit!

Max recently took the train out to the mountains from Toronto (old school) and rode from Jasper to Banff on his amazing touring bike. 

Now that he is in town, he is rocking Don's Batavus Favoriet in lieu of his touring ride that has too many bits and bites on it for lengthy lock ups at the Fringe

We took our first family (with added urban family members) excursion with our double trailer now with BOTH kids inside. WOOOO!!!

Obviously when Don is around I bless him with the kid-towing so mama can ride her lady bike. 


With Bryce close behind.

Don said the kids were quite heavy and although our MEC trailer isn't as fancy as the Chariot (more details on this later) it's lower to ground which makes it less bumpy. Still, we go fairly slowly and keep the trailer's tire pressure low. 

Bryce says hi at the red light.

Super lock up at New York Bagel Café.

House coffees.

Dexter is a charming brunch-mate.

But his toddler feelings are a little unpredictable at times.

Bryce is a natural with le bébé

Riding is the best best best!

Bike Lock Dexter.

August 24, 2012

I think the picture says it all.

When mom and dad have to go run boring errands (finding folding deck chairs that we both find comfortable), what's the first thing Dexter notices?

Bike lock.

My little dude is the best!

At the Lake.

August 22, 2012

So when I'm not in the city riding bikes, I have been at the lake sailing!

There are lots of parallels between cars and bikes, and power boats and sail boats.

As you all know, I obviously prefer the latter in both cases.

We took this picture of Paul Kantor's beautiful boat a few weeks ago. Have you ever had the inkling to master the winds and transport yourself on water? Paul is actually a sailing instructor extraordinaire.


End of Steel Park.

August 20, 2012

After pilates class on a Monday night, I eat a chicken satay vietnamese sub sandwich and some salad rolls. 

Sitting on a stoop at End of Steel Park. 

With my Linus and pannier.

Then, continue rolling home to relieve the babysitter!

Day Three with Alice.

August 13, 2012

So much fun to be had with baby Alice at the EFMF! 

Here she is in the beer garden with mama (check out those cheeks).

And Daddy.



Phil and Adam.

Getting burped.

In her kitty pants.

While I take pictures of Alwen and Heather.

And hang with the boys.

But later it's time to check out some side stages. This is what it looks like when somebody is trying to direct you to their obscure spot on the hill.

Party people have to stand up when Arrested Development tell them to.

Then there was lots of fun wearing Alice in the sling later at night while she was in her fleecy bear suit, and eating butter chicken on my tarp. It was my second night climbing up the super hill on the Mixte on the way home. It's short, but steep. Luckily Don is the one hauling!

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