Weekday Life.

September 27, 2012

I am proud to say that I have biked (and trained once) Dexter to school every single day since he started! Just yesterday we went on a field trip to a park in the river valley and I am happy to report that we had a glorious ride down and a surprisingly non-painful (albeit slow) climb back up. Luckily my mom had the day off and took baby Alice, so Dexter and I were able to ride fast! Usually we amble around slowly on account of the baby. 

Speaking of the baby, here we are (out of breath) enjoying some fall-time patio. Have been run off my feet these days, but managed to squeeze in a quick lunch with friends. Thankfully said friends appear to enjoy holding the baby while I eat and talk with my mouth open. 

All this cycling prepares me for receiving goodies.

I mean, you have to eat them while fresh...

And here is Dexter doing his part to get ready for the commute to school. His job is to put his back pack in the rear, and retrieve his helmet. 

I'll spare you the pictures of me cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry!


September 24, 2012

I love love love my babies and my work (stellar students and families), but when it's my day off I praise living in the same city as my parents and gladly hand over my beloved offspring for sleepover. 

This gives me a chance to have an uninterrupted night of sleep, and opportunities to catch up with friends on the bike and train. 

Though the day began with late afternoon drinks on my sunny bungalow patio.

Lisa's birthday is coming up!

Last tastes of summer.

Then it turned out that Lisa was free for dinner so she hung out until our double-date friends arrived and we all rode to the train together. 

Lisa took Pashley for the short ride. I got doubled on a rear rack :)

I am so happy every time I hear another lady has purchased a Linus. Join the club! Leisha was one of my first friends to become a Linus babe.

Leisha, equally adept with the U-lock.

And the transit tickets.

Notice how I wear ridiculously high heels and I'm still not as tall as my lady friends.

On the train.

Then it was time for tacos. 

Tres Carnales!

So bright.



And F.U.N.

I only set out to have a nice evening with some food and friends, but it turned into a rollocking al fresco good time. Patios, bikes, and trains. I dig a big-time Friday night!

"What Will it Bee?"

September 21, 2012

We got invited to a Bee themed baby shower last weekend!

It was in the neighbourhood (the parents of one of Don's high school friends lives a few blocks away, and they were hosting), so we walked. 

Saddled up my own babies.

And off we went.

It was an adorable party. 

Dexter kept trying to get other peoples' parents to blow up his balloon, not realizing that it's gross to hand over a balloon that is covered with your saliva.

Honey, in keeping with the bee theme.

Coordinated drinks, though I was typical and enjoyed bubbles the whole time. 


Everybody was amazed that Tish was holding baby Alice. Little do they know that I usually pawn my babies off to be held by others whenever I can. They're heavy! 

Maybe I am devoid of certain hormones, but I don't ever feel the need to shadow my kids everywhere when I am out in public. If I go to a party, I want to visit and enjoy the company. Lots of people like holding the baby and they are instructed to just give her back or put her in the stroller when they feel done with it all.

The house had a beautiful garden so Dexter spent most of his time eating candy and repeatedly throwing balloons into the pond and then retrieving them. Works for me! Baby Alice enjoyed lots of snuggles with strangers, and then I put her on the grass when she got tired.

The walk home only took 5 minutes.


Golden Hour.

September 19, 2012

Sometimes after a LONG week I find myself happy to hand my babies over to my own mama for a sleepover. This gives me the luxury of cycling around town during golden hour (prairie sunset). Biking is almost always fun. Biking while bathed in pretty light is just glorious.

After a whole day walking around with Alice on the train, I put on a little jacket and some heels. 

Met up with my lady friend to enjoy some comfort food (fish & chips) at the Bothy's new location on 124 Street.

I rarely find myself on Victoria Park Drive, so it's a treat to bike this way.

The best treat of all is having family nearby (one of the big reasons we stayed in Edmonton) so that I can have a break and enjoy my city and sunset on the Pashley. 

If the hub generator on my bike could power my breast pump... well, then my Pashley would truly be able to do it all!

Pedestrian Mama.

September 17, 2012

Friday is my day off, which means I get to drop Dexter off AND pick him up from school.

It was lunch box day so kids bring their own snack. Here is Dexter's lunch bag and back pack (and the handy new hooks Don installed in our entryway).

I had a bunch of errands to run downtown and didn't fancy riding the bike with trailer all the way. Alice is just coming up on 4 months old, and although I am comfortable with riding her around the neighbourhood and surrounding area, I'd rather take the train for crossing the river. I can get to the school with basically zero traffic to worry about. The journey downtown would be more unpredictable and can wait until she is bigger.

Also, with the errands I would have to take her in and out of the trailer over and over again. If I take the stroller on the train I can just push her everywhere.

After a summer of painstaking practice... Dexter now walks like a true pedestrian!

He's such an independent little dude. Love love love him.

And baby Alice... looking strange. I'm finding it difficult to phone-photograph her in a manner that is true to life. I'll keep trying. She's a super sweetie.

So I walked. ALL DAY. It went like this:

Walk, train, walk, school, walk, train, walk, tailor, walk, bank, walk, lunch, walk, stuff, walk, more stuff, walk, train, walk, school, and finally... HOME.

I am getting every penny out of my aging repettos. The dress was on super sale from J.Crew.

Who says getting around town on your feet and with your kids has to be lame? Transit haters have got it all wrong.

In the 'Hood.

September 13, 2012

School bike-drop continues to go well this week, and I am digging this whole community situation.

On Tuesday, I ran into the mom of one of my neighbourhood piano students. We met up accidentally at  an intersection to cross the street, and had a lovely little chat before we split off to our respective streets. 

Yesterday, right after I dropped off Dexter, I ran into a past student of mine who is now in University and more beautiful than ever. We walked together to the grocery store, where she helped me pick out a pack of soothers for baby Alice. 

Today, I ran into another friend/neighbour of a different student of mine. She was heading home on bike while I was heading towards Dexter's school on bike. Chit chat chit chat. 

This sort of thing really makes my day. Friends are everywhere! But, you would never see them if you were speeding by in a car.

Tomorrow is the day at school where Dexter brings his own packed lunch (students take turns providing group-snack the other days). Just wait until you guys see the dinosaur lunch bag auntie Leanne got for him back in the day. We have written his name on the inside with a sharpie. 

Maybe I'm all baby-hormones, but all this preschool stuff is just too cute to handle. Cute overload!

Dexter Goes to School!

September 11, 2012

It's happened... I am a true biking mama! 

Dexter went to preschool for the first time today, and I rode him over there in the trailer pulled by the Mixte. 

Look at my little man, so grown up with his outdoor shoes (he has separate indoor ones - so cute), and his little red backpack. 

And here I am, a proud mama. 

Rain, shine or snow. It's happening!

I figure on the really bad days with horrifying weather I can take the stroller and walk to the train. But generally speaking, it's going to be the bike 4 days a week.

As an aside, with my return to work things have been busy! When I'm not teaching I am doing the mom & house thing. It's around the clock (when you have an infant) and it's two simultaneous full time gigs. I'm tired. Though I can't recall another time when I have been so organized!

Luckily I can get on the bike almost daily now, and can couple my cardio with school delivery. There is almost nothing I like more than efficiency!

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