Hot Tip: SAHN Classic Helmet!

October 19, 2012

I get lots of emails about my black helmet, which is sadly no longer available. Back in the day I ordered it from Jorg & Olif, and liked it so much that I also later ordered a red one which eventually ended up with Leanne, and another black one for my mom. 

After the big tumble two summers ago, I was told that wearing my black helmet was a no-no. I mourned. 

Until my mom reminded me that she had one too, and that she never wears it and that I could have it back! So when you see me riding these days, that's the one. I am so happy.

BUT. I woke this morning to an email from Leisha directing me to this SAHN Classic Helmet which looks pretty much exactly like the one I wear. You want it? GO GET IT!

Somewhat Chronological Weekend.

October 18, 2012

We're up to fall cycling in puffy vests and gloves. Still getting away without wearing socks and boots!

Currently also writing an email to a girlfriend, noting that it's strange to have time pass very quickly and very slowly at the same time...

It's almost a week ago, but here was last weekend:

Which started with Dexter getting ready for pyjama day at school.

Followed that evening by dinner with lady folk

Next morning I was up bright and early to teach piano. 

That evening after dinner, Dexter proclaimed he was a party animal. There were a few more references to Kung Fu Panda... which is something he must have picked up from my mom & dad's place. 

Sunday, was brunch!

The wet afternoon weather meant landscaping was out of the question. So we did something we rarely do together as a family. We went to the mall! So funny. I needed to get new pants (AGAIN), and pick up some books as gifts for upcoming kids birthdays. Don needed to go to the apple store.

While we were out, Dexter sampled some oversized furniture.

And, Sunday evening featured us bringing Sunterra apple pie to a pot luck. 

Nice having Don around to tow the trailer. 

And after riding with the trailer on the Mixte almost every day, the bike feels weightless without the kids!

Speaking of which...

Oh, and Alice received the most adorable and well-made little baby outfit from Jill. Thank you!

Work, kids and fun. Fun, kids and work. Kids are fun and work... I mean uh...

 Life currently features lots of everything!

Fellaella's Night Out.

October 15, 2012

Raffaella is getting married in a few weeks! That means drinks and merriment for the lady folk. 

 What's a special occasion without gifts?

And a little bit of rainy day carpooling (thanks, Sable!)

We went romping around downtown Edmonton.

And stopped at MRKT for fuel.


Sweet organizer, Christy.

And L L Ladies. 


And vino.

Afterwards the girls hopped over to the Common for dancing fun, but my voice was already raspy and uh... I haven't really slept more than 4-5 hours at a time for several months now. Those of you who know... know why I made the choice to turn in early.

Sorry, I'm old now!

I'm sure my youthful vigour will return once Alice isn't such a 24 hr snuggler anymore:)

Until then, I do what I can, and always enjoy my friends and my city.


October 11, 2012

The first flurry of the season doesn't always inspire one to get out there and conquer it with a bike ride. You can't tell in the photos, but the wet snow was flying sideways and making the bike to school look mighty yucky. 

But, we live in Edmonton. It snows here for most of the year. And life goes on.


We dug out a bunch of layers, including Dexter's home-knit sweater from my mom.

 A new light winter coat of mine from Roots. It's plenty warm and water-resistant, though not as mammoth as my down-filled parka.

Dexter's boots. 

And baby Alice in a hand-me-down fuzzy bear suit.

The kids were cozy inside the trailer - I brought an extra blanket for baby Alice. I did well on all accounts with my coat, gloves, scarf, and insulated rain boots. Though, I forgot about what a difference a bit of a brim on your helmet makes. My black helmet manages to just keep rain and sun off my eyes. The polka-dot helmet does no such thing. My kids arrived safe and warm at the school, but it looked like I had been crying my eyes out on account of all the snow flying sideways into my face. 

Major league smudged eyeliner and runny mascara. So scary.

Lesson learned!

Birthday Cake.

October 10, 2012

After almost two months of my thick and silky pregnancy hair falling out in copious and alarming amounts, it was time to lop off the length. I was starting to look like Golum from the LOTR movies! There is nothing particularly special about the hair now, but it's still a good excuse to get Tom to take a portrait of me at dinner.

In other news in the fashion and accessories department, I have recently had my jumpsuit hemmed. A JUMPSUIT! I was so excited when I saw it on the rack at the store, and even more excited when the zipper actually fastened up all the way. Score!

I have been dying to take it out on the town. Having a delicious belated birthday dinner with Lisa and Tom was the perfect occasion. 

They live across the street from the Millcreek Culina.

Lamb koftas!

After dinner, we took a hop and a skip across the street to the domicile.

Loving the new art here.

Don quickly settles into google sketch up to complete his rendering for an upcoming kitchen renovation. It's going to look so fly!

I made a cake.

And we got to enjoy it on grandma-china.

Birthday Lisa!

Oh, and mom extraordinaire. Leisha is always baby whispering even when her own little one isn't around. Here we have stunt baby, Garrett.


Oh, and that Kara Loop is looking mighty fine.

After I had two pieces of cake, and after we determined we could comfortably fit 8 people inside their boler (the one with flames you see in the link isn't the one they have), we retired back in the house for more refreshments.

Eventually, new shoes had to come off.

Every single time Don and I head home from Tom & Lisa's we always remark on how amazing the location is. They live a few blocks away from a beautiful and intimate ravine. They have a little patch of retail on the corner across the street. It's blocks away from Whyte ave, which is home to shops, pubs, groceries, and our Pilates studio. And it may not have a train station, but the bus stop is just around the corner, with a whole host of busses that head downtown. And even if you wanted to ditch the bus, a bike ride downtown is a quick 15-20 minutes away, depending on how fast you are.

Location, location, location.

We already live in an amazing area of the city and I still have real-estate envy!

Cheers, to old bungalows with character! And the beautiful fir beams that hold them up:)

The Mercer Tavern.

It's fall and it's cold!

Put on some tights with my crisp-collar dress (love Oak + Fort).

Coasted over to the station in my cloak.

And, found myself at the Mercer Tavern for drinks and supper.

I've heard varying accounts of this newly opened place. All have reported that the space is great (it's an old tavern inside a warehouse), but the reputation for the food and service have been both good and bad.

The night we went, the food was delicious! Not like it was my favourite place to eat on the face of the planet, but it was certainly tasty and hearty.

Service was also okay the night we went. I say okay because, once again, it was decent enough, but it's  not like the service was particularly exemplary.

My only real complaint would be how LOUD it was! It seemed as though the music kept rising to cover the sound of people talking, but then people would just talk louder. At the end of the evening I was shouting to somebody that I enjoyed playing Chopin's Nocturne in e- and this morning I had man-voice. So... note to whoever is in charge of the tunes. Just leave it alone. People like to chat.

One final thought: The bathrooms are adorable. I am a sucker for penny round tiles.

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