Always Eating in Tokyo

January 11, 2013

Harajuku by Night

Quickly, some photos from the other night!

We went strolling around Harajuku.

Get Into My Belly

Then, ate sushi at the awesome place again.


Stumbled upon a Ladurée.

Ladurée in Tokyo

Put more money on our Suica cards.

Suica Re-Up

Finally caught somebody riding slow enough to photograph

Red Light

Picked up a Boss


Photographed some vending machines (they're everywhere, you will never be thirsty here).

Street Bevies

Went back to the hotel for a night cap.

Night Cap

And drank a mini milk with my treats.

Ladurée and Mini Milk


Dottie said...

Yum! Looks like a great time. I would be all over those Laduree macaroons.

Harry H said...

I love vending machines in Japan. My first time there I found coffee in a can, tried a hot one, and did not realize how hot the can of coffee was going to be. Ouch. It was tasty though. 26 years later I can still remember looking in my pockets for more coins to buy more coffee and how great it tasted. When I was done with the first can I tried the other 6 kinds of canned coffees that were in the machine. They were cold, hot, sweet, unsweetened, no milk, and with milk. I was hooked. What a great trip I had.

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