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January 24, 2013

On the Train


It's been almost two weeks since I have been back and not a single post. Isn't it ironic that I have more time for photo editing and blogging when I am on vacation than when I am at home?

Alas, domestic duties, my children, and my work (amongst other things) beckon.

So I'm not going to say a lot, except that there are more Tokyo photos! Actually, there will be even more when I finally get the files transferred from our traveling computer to the desktop. For now, let me say that Tokyo girls really know how to rock the tights, knee socks, and heels. On the bike, as pedestrians, and on the train. You name it. They're always looking incredibly fly and walking very fast.


Off to School

Taxi Queue



In one of our walks I took a picture of this house.


Scenes from a park.


Shadow Freeze

Girlfriends strolling through Harajuku.

Harajuku Stroll

Everybody wears falsies in Tokyo. Every day. One morning I saw a girl applying hers on the train without holding onto anything for balance. Needless to say I was impressed.


Foldies were everywhere.


So were all things cat-related.

Pink Kitty

Finally found an opportunity to get a photo together.

Myself in a Bubble

Waiting to Cross

Taking on the Traffic


Knee Socks

Thanks for bearing with my absence - enjoy my photos in lieu of writing!


Jean said...

Interesting about the tights and partial tights, which for the latter one needs to be slim to pull it off gracefully.

As for the eyelashes, hmmm, yea I guess the other option is mascara which I haven't indulged in the past 35 yrs.

Cameron Adams said...

Tokyo street fashion is ever amazing. The memory of our 2001 visit remains a surreal experience.

Kristina "The Chubby Cruiser" said...

Tokyo girls will always have it going on! I love harajuku! Did you see any bmx girls? They roll in gangs down there!

Great pictures!
K. xo

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