January 6, 2013

Saturday Sunset 1

Don and I escaped to a sunny destination! Hong Kong and Guongzhou are all and fine, but we still wanted a component of vacation that required us to have zero schedule and no obligations whatsoever. So we took a quick trip for a stretch of days, to Borneo, Malaysia!

I know, I know. It sounds terribly exotic. And it is, relatively speaking. Though, when you're in HK already, it's easy to find deals to other beach destinations that wouldn't occur to us North Americans. Borneo is just a quick 2.5 hr flight from HK, which means it's a common destination for people over here.

It was wonderful. Can you believe this ridiculous sunset?

Saturday Sunset 2

You get to watch it from the hotel's sunset bar. Specifically situated...


So you can hang out on these perches and just...


Drink a Tiger beer,


And eat satay.


I used to think lying around was boring. Now that I have two kids, I NEVER get to lie around anymore. This was a real treat! Leisurely meals, reading for hours and hours a day, swimming here and there... no appointments (except skype with my babies). Just perfect.


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I want to be there.....

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