Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

Hot Pot

Happy New Year!

I celebrated new years eve a whole day before you guys, living in the future and all. I definitely miss my babies and friends back at home, but we were consoled with family hot pot.

Broth Town

My aunt went through considerable effort to create an impressive spread. My favourites were the beef, scallops, vines, wontons, and fried tofu.

The Spread

Don went around taking portraits of people. Lucky me.


Kitchen Bustle

My cousin Alison has had this "magnum" bottle of champagne since her wedding a few years ago. It's just so huge, she never had occasion to drink it!

We were happy to help.

It was so big that it didn't fit into a regular ice bucket, so we used a laundry bucket instead.

Laundry Bucket

Busy apartment that night.

Making Progress

New Years Eve also happens to be my uncle's birthday! We had cake.

Birthday Cake

Then, the moment of truth.

Uncorking a Magnum

All the while, I was playing with my nephew, Curtis! He is one month younger than Alice and much smaller. Holding him for long periods of time was easy compared to what I'm used to.

Speaking of babies, these blog posts are brought to you by... my parents! They are a tremendous support when it comes to helping Don and I with the children, and are game to get their hands dirty doing night-shift, meals, diapers, baths... you name it. They were an immense help when I first had Dexter, and now continue to be super star grandparents even with a toddler AND a newborn.

2012 has been a really work intense year (babies & house & teaching), and there is no way I would have gotten through it all without the support of my family. Love them.

Baby Curtis

We celebrated until the countdown and then some.

The Dom
I hope your new years festivities were fun, whatever you got up to!

May 2013 bring you good health and happiness (such a Chinese thing to say)! I'm going to work hard to  enjoy my babies as much as I can while they are at this "small" stage in life; to continue living actively (literally and figuratively) as a participant and contributor to my community; and to keep authentically connecting with the people in my life, be they my students, friends, family, or husband.

So far, 2013 is off to a great start!


Justine Valinotti said...

What an adorable baby! Then again, I don't think you're capable of any other kind.

Happy New Year, and thanks for a most enjoyable blog!

Leisha said...

Happy New Year! It's great "being" on holidays with you - safe travels my friend and can't wait to hear and see more!

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