Kota Kinabalu

January 7, 2013

Local Dining

Restaurant & Hotel

Always eager to check out local life, Don and I grabbed a cab into the little city of Kota Kinabalu one of the nights we were in Borneo.

Honestly, it wasn't really my favourite. Maybe because it was super humid and hot, and it smelled like garbage in a lot of places. The streets aren't brightly lit, the sidewalks are crumbly, and there was the all-too familiar lack of sidewalks. Lots of the main drags didn't feel pedestrian friendly at all. You had to jaywalk out of necessity!

Their little night market was alright, though nothing compared to the amazing Ladies Night Market here in Mongkok. There was a big open air food cafeteria where you could choose your own seafood and get it prepared on the spot, but the hawkers were super pushy and abrasive, so we moved on.


We decided to have our supper at a restaurant recommended by the concierge at the hotel - Sri Melaka.

The town may have been a little rough around the edges (apparently it's the fastest growing city in Malaysia), but this local place was delicious. Yum!

I am a big fan of Malaysian curries. They're not all that hot, and a little sweet in addition to super savoury. I ate some form of Malaysian curry every day.
Sri Melaka 
 Kota Kinabalu sort of reminded me of the commercial district in Phuket, without the proliferation of tourists, clubs, and massage places. The quietness does make it seem really authentic and less of a tourist night-life place, but the unmarked streets and unfriendly pedestrian infrastructure always meant you had to be on guard, lest you get run over or twist your ankle on the broken walkway.

Anybody who complains about the condition of streets back home, should take a moment to contemplate what condition streets and sidewalks are in, elsewhere in the world. And these places don't even freeze and thaw every year!


Trisha said...

Good point about the sidewalks in the rest of the world. I joked with Dot when we were in Russia -- saying that Russia is not for wimps. :) The sidewalk would just end without notice, or there'd be a big hole in the middle of it, or a car parked on it. Survival of the fittest! but those sorts of differences are what makes travel interesting. The curries look delicious!

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