Last Day in HK

January 8, 2013

Bike Delivery

Our last day in HK we went to check out the Ladies Market very early.

And saw lots of adorable old people.


So much going on, just outside the apartment.


We got there around 11 am, but the market was just starting to be set up. I didn't realize the vendors packed and unpacked everything on a daily basis.

Good Morning


It was actually super fun to watch everything get set up!

Setting Up

By the time we had strolled all the way down and turned around again, things started to take shape.

Market Opens

Domestic life near the market.

Laundry Day

Sunny Scaffold

Then, catching the MTR. Little Dexter-aged kids in uniforms. SO CUTE!

In Uniform

Later on, having afternoon snacks at a Chinese tea-diner place.

Diner Time

Don had never tried Chinese-styled french toast. It's so good, but mostly on account of it requiring so much butter and being deep fried. I mean, what's not to like?

HK Style French Toast

I had also managed not to have an HK-styled milky tea, so I made up for lost time.

HK Style Milk Tea

Other people enjoying snacks.

After Work Snack

Then we did packing, had a delicious meal at home, and made preparations for our flight to Tokyo!

The fun never stops around here:)

Even though this is the most excellent and massive vacation, I still don't think the hours I have spent having fun exceed the hours I have spent on the night shift with my two babies, since Alice was born. Work hard, play hard.


Anonymous said...

When you get back home, i'll bet baby Alice will seem as if she grew a whole lot during your vacay

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