Old Style Dessert House.

January 5, 2013

Old Style Dessert House

The other night we all went out to have curried mutton at a super local place. Delicious.

Afterwards, we walked up the street to an equally "local" and old school dessert house. When I use the word local, what I mean is that it's mom & pops, probably really old and rough around the edges (these places are generally tiny), and it's the sort of place where you sit on plastic stools and you leave as soon as you're done eating so the next people can get in.

So Much Bean Curd

I was deciding between this dessert that has almond-y soup; red beans; and these dessert dumplings that have hot black sesame paste inside (hot), and the grass jelly dessert (cold). Don and I each ordered one and swapped halfway through. It's goooood.

Dessert Dumplings

My uncle got the awesome coconut one.

Hot Coconut

And the aforementioned grass jelly.

Grass Jelly Dessert

We piled into a taxi to get there and back. When we got off, my cousin headed home with take out for her husband; auntie and I went to the bakery to grab some fresh bread for the next day; and Don and my uncle went to look around the night market. All these things happen across the street from the apartment. All these businesses are open until at least 11 pm.

Living in a stellar location gives lots of options for fun and convenience!


Claire Silverton said...

I really missed my 'dessert days' with my sister before she was diagnosed with diabetes. Hopefully I can bring our dessert days back, if only there are restaurants that serve desserts made of diabetic sweeteners...

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