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February 20, 2013

Keep Pedaling

After weeks of my tires being remarkably flat, I got pumped up (literally and figuratively) and have started riding again!

There has been a lot of griping about bike lanes in the Edmonton news lately and I have been staying out of it. Partly because I know the people who are truly unsupportive or angry about the lanes aren't going to have their minds changed by any rhetoric I have to offer. Partly because I don't want to fan the flames and then have the discussion degenerate into an unhealthy detour about riding on sidewalks and helmet legislation. And mostly because I hate how polarized the issue is. What's up with things always being black or white? Suffice to say I am often disappointed in how important issues just get whittled down to whether somebody is with you or against you.

No room for nuanced discussions?

Well, that's too bad.


In the meantime, Dexter and I are doing our thing. Riding to school!

It's cold, but we're happy to wear our warm things and get on with it.

Kona, I Love You.

I think something we forget when talking about bike lanes is how they're an integrated part of a larger question of traffic safety and efficiency. Everybody wants to get to their destination efficiently and safely, no matter what the mode of transportation. I'd prefer if we talked about cycling as a transportation issue that affects both motorists and cyclists alike. We should all be accountable for driving and cycling responsibly, and I would hope that we could work together to that end.


rita said...

Well said, thanks! :)

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