Early Thaw.

February 28, 2013

Oh, it's so nice out it's almost appropriate to ride the Pashley again! 

Rode to Pilates this morning, and it was gloriously warm and sunny. Still dealing with all-terrain conditions (snow, ice, pavement, gravel, pot holes, giant puddles). Nothing that can't be solved with some steering and pedalling.

Took my secret residential way over to Whyte avenue. It involves stopping and waiting for the train to go by.

After getting stretched out and reminding myself not to scrunch my shoulders all the time, I had lunch at my new favourite spot Under the High Wheel. You can always stalk me there on Thursdays. 

Lisa is working. 

On the way home I opted for the main road and flooded bike lanes. I know the city doesn't clear them, but it doesn't change the way I ride all that much. I basically just take the regular lane instead. Off peak hours the road is wide enough for people to go around me if they need to. Ain't no thing.

It was also SUPER EASY to ride without towing the trailer. I love when you get strong riding one way - it's so refreshing when you downsize or ditch your cargo. All of a sudden that thing that used to feel like a lot of work, feels like nothing at all!

I experienced the same thing after my first winter riding. I used to always have a brutal transition into the spring, needing to ride for 4-6 weeks to recondition myself after a sedentary winter. Now that I'm winter riding, transition back to spring just feels effortless.


misssable said...

Weather looks great! It's a rainy day in YVR!

Kristina "The Chubby Cruiser" said...

Winter is def hard on cyclists, but being prepared works wonders! Glad Pash is coming back(I love that bike!) :D

K xo

Kristina "The Chubby Cruiser" said...

Winter is so tough on cyclists, its been rough in nyc too! I'm happy to hear pash is coming back out(I love that bike!)

K xo

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