Flashback Friday

February 22, 2013


Happy Friday!

I'm looking forward to another weekend of work and play! We're having some friends over for low key dinner and bonfire; we're going to take a nature hike on our patch of the river valley and see if it's still frozen enough to walk ON the river; and my family is getting together to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Here are my Instagrams from last week:

Above is an installation from last weekend's illumiNITE event.

Happy New Year

We enjoyed a lion dance at a belated Chinese New Years celebration, put on by the many different Chinese community volunteer organizations.

Blue Planet with ESO

Watching the Blue Planet accompanied by the Edmonton Symphony was the bomb.

Back to Business

Did some winter riding, ferrying Dexter to school. 

Bath Time

Holiday Monday included capturing my babies in the tub together.

Conceptual Installation

Dexter worked on a conceptual art installation at the AGA with his gallery friends.

Want Apple Pie.

I also photographed baby Alice one morning, wanting to document her 9 month glory before she becomes mobile and starts looking less like a big baby.

What are you guys up to? Have a great weekend!


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