Instagram Update

February 15, 2013

I'm not alone in my love of filters on Instagram, right? 

Since I'm taking them all the time, I figured I'd give you Instagram update!

Who doesn't like seeing baby Alice in her 18 month old bikey dress, a year early?

On our trip to the Art Gallery this past week the kids did a weaving project. 

Poststructuralist valentine!

Last weekend I snagged a carpool over to Culina & Bibo for an evening full of yummy dinner and wine. We made new friends with a group of Frenchies who just wrapped up with a show at La Cité, and I unabashedly started speaking un peu de Frenglish.

And of course, it was Valentine's Day on Thursday! Don and I aren't always stereotypically sentimental or ceremonial, but my students are certainly full of love and Valentine's cheer! I received some really adorable homemade cards, and a batch of double chocolate skor cookies. 

That's life through Instagram this week - Have a great weekend and enjoy the long weekend (Canadians)!


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