Shinkansen to Nagano!

February 3, 2013

Mount Fuji!

Finally! All computers and humans in charge of said computers were in the same place at the same time - which means file transfers!

Here are some pics we took on our Shinkansen trip to Nagano.

Honestly, the point of the trip was to ride the super high speed train. We just needed a destination so... Nagano it was.

238 km/hr

We were totally going SO FAST.

Rotund Pigeons

Once we got there we saw round pigeons and cute buildings.

Corner Lot

Bike crossings

Pedalling Across

People crossings

Crossing Street

Kid crossings

Puffy Green

We walked up this promenade

Nagano Promenade

Shopped around for lunch options

Lunch Temptation

On our way to the Zenkoji Temple.

Birds Overhead




Super Urn

Zenkoji Temple

It was actually really cold! We explored the temple for a while and decided it was time to hit up a noodle place for hot broth.

Noodle Hut

With full tummies, it was time to do more exploring!


Mini Garden


Mini Pavilion


Wood Work

Tie One On

I hear Japan is even more fun to visit in the spring when the weather is nice and the colours are changing. Will have to re-visit on another occasion!

Still, even in the winter, riding the crazy high speed train was super fun. And the temple has this secret underground passage you can go through in order to learn about humility. Seems even more cool when your feet and fingers are frozen while doing it.


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