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February 25, 2013

On Friday afternoon I had plans to go to the Italian Centre to grab some odds and ends for dinner with friends that night. I was going to roll it into a few other errands via car, drop Dexter off at school, and then come home and put baby Alice down for a nap.

It's a whole lot of mom stuff on my day off, I know.

Then, I read Omar Mouallem's piece in the Metro (a few days after having read Chris Chan's Open Letter to the Mayor). I looked out the window and didn't see any of the trees bending in the wind. I saw some people walking by without toques on. I decided that one of my faraway errands could be consolidated into the next week, then I told Dexter to get his boots on because we were taking both the baby and the bike to school.

I haven't had both the kids in the trailer since the fall. I started having our babysitter come earlier so that I could ferry Dexter solo, but on my days off the babies and I do everything together.

Baby and Dexter both weight approximately 30 lbs each. I was afraid it would be really heavy, but with winter Kona and switching one gear up and down every so often, it was totally fine. Allow me to remind you that I am no muscle woman. Standing at 5 ft and riding a heavier winter bike, we had a perfectly reasonable bicycle commute to school and even arrived early. 

It was the inaugural bike commute for my new Camper boots I got in Hong Kong. They're so ridiculously comfortable, I have been wearing them everywhere. The light winter coat is French Connection (again, crazy HK post-holiday sales) and the pink gloves were a gift from a student, from Simons.

Sometimes I like to think of the blog as part bicycle, part fashion, and part mom. There you are.

Decided to forego the Italian Centre and just hit up the urban grocery across the street from Dexter's school. Funny, there are no "kid" shopping carts here so I just stuck baby Alice into the cart like this.

She got lots of attention from the ladies at the deli. 

And there you have it!

Boring, everyday domestic stuff brought to you bike. Wearing normal clothes, normal shoes, and my two kids as cargo. It didn't take any extra time choosing to ride instead of drive, and I managed to fit a little exercise in there too.

Best of all - the baby was sound asleep in the trailer by the time I got home. Nothing like some motion and fresh air to knock an infant out!

This message was brought to you by living in a mature neighbourhood with proximity to services.


Many birds. One blog post.


Julia said...

This is why you're my favorite "bike" blog-- because biking is so normal to you and you don't fit the mold of what we think about when we think about tough, bad-weather biking mamas. You're what we need-- just everyday women biking in everyday clothes to do normal things with their adorable babies.

Plus, you're super stylish and fairly glamorous! Keep up the great work, you're a good advocate for getting everyone on a bike!

rita said...

Way to go. Also, you're pretty much the only person I know who looks good with a helmet on :)

Kim said...

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to say that I find your blog very inspirational! I live in Ottawa and am pregnant with my first. Two things we have in common: I am also five feet tall and we also chose to live in a mature, urban neighbourhood so that I could take my bicycle everywhere. I'm looking forward to ferrying my kids around town too!

Justine Valinotti said...

Miss Sarah-- I've nominated you for the Liebster Award.

Check it out:

miss sarah said...

Julia - I'm so glad you get what's going on over here (on the blog)! I'm not very good at reviewing products and I'm really sporty. I just like fun and efficiency:)

Kim - Way to go with your baby! Being a mom is really THE BEST. Congrats and good luck!

rita - You look plenty fine in a helmet yourself:) My winter one is so tight with the lining. My bangs get squished and make my forehead itchy.

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