The Flying Canoe!

February 4, 2013


One of the funnest winter nights I had last year was going on the Mill Creek Adventure Walk!

The walk has since then graduated, and is now referred to as The Flying Canoe Adventure Walk because it was picked up by La Cité Francophone - the new organizer.

Some things are the same, some are a little different.

My winter crew and I decided to gear up (it wasn't really cold) and met to have burgers before heading into the snowy ravine.


Leisha was so organized she brought a bottle of Bailey's and travel mugs. The only thing we were missing was the coffee, so we went and bought a box of it.

The Canadian Way

She also magically produced a tray of nanaimo bars... (super mom)

The Canadian Way

We stopped for a group pic before the light got even more challenging (for me).

My Snow Crew

I ate my nanaimo bar on the 1.5 block walk from Lisa's place, but if you look closely, Lisa had hers wrapped up in a napkin in her pocket for later on. Pro styles.

Special Coffee

You go down these pretty stairs,


Over pretty bridges,


Into the Métis camp,


Where there is a canoe,


Fun, and a fire.

Mill Creek Bonfire

Further along the walk there is this awesome star display in the trees.

Stars in the Ravine

Then once you climb out of the ravine on the other side, you go a few more blocks in the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood and find yourself at La Cité Francophone where there is a luge run!

Luge Run

I ran into several fellow Belgravians there, including my student, Alex!

Alex on the Luge!

There was ice furniture.

Snowy Dinette

Inside, we caught Acadian dancers! And some of Allez Ouest's set...


Then it was time to say goodbye.

La Cité

Found the queue for horse-drawn wagon rides, and enjoyed a lovely roll down the back alleys of south Edmonton.

Horse & Wagon Ride

Got off, went back into the ravine and quickly back out the other side again. Dropped off some supplies, and found that the night was still young, so we took our plaid and sweaters to Bibo wine bar.


Look closely and you'll see that Don is wearing one of those sock monkey sweaters (had his custom made on a loom in Prince Edward Island so he could get the arms long enough), and Jason has a Nordiques wool jersey!

Classic winter wear for our winter city.


sarah said...

Oh, how fun! My parents live in the Bonnie Doon area, and they were there last night too. What a small world!

Anonymous said...


Tom said...

not canadiens, nordiques! looks like it was a fun night :)

miss sarah said...

ACK! Nordiques - am editing NOW

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