Year of the Snake!

February 13, 2013

Big Brother's Hat

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's a week late.

Our family celebrated last weekend over dinner. Isn't my gigantic infant so super cute? Love her!


The restaurant was REALLY crowded, noisy, hot, and busy. It was difficult to even get out of my chair without bumping into a server carrying something hot, and with 14 people it was hard to even hear anybody on the other side of the table without yelling at them.

Gong & Poh

Hence my perspective from this side of the table.

That's my mom and dad! They're awesome.


And here is my own little family. Dexter is playing with a green snake my dad got him at the lion dance festivities earlier that day.

Year of the Snake

Dexter is such a little gentleman, waiting for his soup.

Soup is On

And here are my parents with baby Alice, and my grandpa! Handing out their laisee for the kids.


Baby Alice was so obsessed with my grandpa the whole night. She was staring him down the whole time.

Hey Great-Grandpa

And there you have it! Another Chinese New Year, made even more fun now that I have kids of my own to give lucky money to. Even though you're not supposed to get laisee once you're married, my parents are giant softies and still distribute to us - we're so spoiled!


Sara Struckman said...

Where are you? I'm pretty sure I ate at that Chinese restaurant when I was in Edmonton in the fall, but I can't remember it's name!

thebeautifulfaith said...

Baby Alice is so adorable:)

Jenny Lerew said...

What a beautiful family! Always enjoy looking on on your blog(all the way over in old L.A.).
-Jenny, new Pashley owner

Leisha said...

Alice's expressions - priceless. Looks like a Happy New Year indeed!

Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful. Happy New Year to everyone! I've been enjoying your blog for many months now after a google search for pashley's brought it up.


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