Flashback Friday {Spring Snow Edition}

March 15, 2013

When I read through my twitter feed, I sure see a lot of griping out there. 

It snowed - WAHWAHWAH!

Perhaps it's because I'm coming up on another week (started last week) of relatively sleepless nights, but I get my fix of whiny crybaby from the hours of 10 pm to 8 am. If you live in Edmonton and you still balk at a March snow? What frequency of complaining will there be if and when it snows in April? 

It is what it is. 

If your parka/anorak, boots, and mitts were already stashed away for the season, I guess that was bit premature. Go get them out! The ice chipper thing and snow brush lives in my car ALL YEAR LONG.  

Sleep or no sleep, snow or no snow - we Chivesons carry on.  

So I put sunglasses on to cover my tired eyes, stick my babies in the trailer, and get the cardio workout only biking through fresh snow can deliver. 

On another weekday, Dexter and I took our little community bus to visit the Strathcona branch of Edmonton Public Library.

It's their 100th Birthday this year. Free library cards for everybody!

Dexter and I also fit in our trip to the Art Gallery this week, where we made "trees" out of recycled materials, inspired by the modern landscapes of David Janzen. It's a really beautiful exhibit.

And the mukluks were out again. Warm. Comfortable. At the ready.

Edmonton, I'll happily take your snow as long as you give me sun. Gimme, gimme...


Raffaella Loro said...

David Janzen is Chris' uncle. We're going to pop by the AGA on March 20th when they're hosting a conversation with the artist.

Alisha Robertson said...

Where are these mukluks from please?

Miss Sarah said...

Alisha - They're Laurentians, you can order online or find them at many of the shoe repair places here in Edmonton.

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