Flashback Friday!

March 1, 2013

Another week flying by, packed with stuff and images!

I have started colouring my  hair. Full disclosure: I have tons of wacky spread out greys that are too many to ignore, but also not growing in any sort of pattern that I find acceptable. So... time to just blend it in. Luckily with black hair you just end up looking like you have black hair. 

My mom was fully grey by the time she was 30. I always thought I could just let it all grow out and then streak it black like she does (think Cruella DeVille), though it's not yet in the cards for me.

In other news...

I was inspired by the Flying Canoe in Millcreek ravine, and suggested to my outdoor friends that we take my Belgravia river valley version of a nature walk. The ravine is intimate and makes you feel like your in the Shire. The portion of river valley by my place is more like... Helm's Deep? Hmm... would be very difficult to defend, which is the point of Helm's Deep...


This portion of the bank used to be home to Keillor Road. When it started falling apart, they closed it and turned part of it into a multi-use trail, leaving the pilings and portions of the road. Click the link and you'll see it's now a travel destination! Our neighbourhood watch has had difficulty with this post-apocalyptic site now referred to as "World's End", since it's a popular site for off hours partying. You can probably see that safety is a big issue.

I hear the sunset from up top is amazing. 

We were snow clomping down below on the frozen river. Definitely an outdoors adventure made very real when we came across this big hole in the ice. Proceed with caution...

In more urban settings, here was Dexter at the Transcend.

He also did exceptionally well at his first visit to the dentist! No cavities, very polite and obliging. The best. 

Finally, riding around in these warm temperatures is a messy business, but it's glorious when you have a sturdy old mountain bike with fenders!

Have a fun weekend - I've got one of those highly coveted reservations at Corso32 tonight!


Dottie said...

Looks like a full and fun week! You are braver than I to go walking by a hole in the ice. :)

Spring is messy, but I'll take mud over snow at this point.

Vik said...

My mom wants me to colour my hair. She figured even men need the fountain of youth. ;)


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