Flashback Friday!

March 9, 2013

In an effort to bring a little bit of Tokyo into my routine, I tried wearing falsies last weekend. It's a little like coming home from Paris and then deciding to walk and take the train everywhere. What's the point in traveling if not to celebrate the good time you had in an everyday way once you're back?

That being said, I don't know how those Tokyo girls do it on a daily basis! The fumes from the glue made my eyes water, and it's VERY difficult to apply them so that your eyes look symmetrical. My eyes are rather asymmetrical to begin with so it was very time consuming. And, when I removed them at the end of the night, I think I took a few of my own lashes off with the adhesive. Ouch!

Not something I need to do on a regular basis, but fun to play around with.

Sadly, the rest of the week was teaching and nursing my sick children. The sweet part was having to snuggle them extra. The work intensive part was doing SO MUCH LAUNDRY. Good thing they were still happy even though they were sick. Dexter is currently really into playing make believe, and he is all over this puppet he has had since he was little, but was never interested in it until now.

In other kid-related news, baby Alice is so mobile now! She crawls on carpet and does the butt scoot in the smooth areas. Check out those intense thunder thighs. WOW.



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