Roads, Sweet Roads...

March 7, 2013

Oh my, the biking this week has been B-U-M-P-Y! Dexter seems to be having a blast back in the trailer, hanging onto the frame like what I imagine hooligans look like when they're grasping the frames of their trucks that have no doors - Do you know the kind I'm talking about? 

Still, it's not hard with the mountain bike. You just have to be careful to have enough speed and the right angle when you're switching from riding the high ground (frozen stuff that forms a hump in between tire treads) to the low ground (places where there is now bare pavement, or a skinny line of it in a tire tread). The saddle is always low on my winter bike, so any potential "oops" is easily remedied by just putting my foot down to stop. Worst case scenario is the bike sort of falls down under you and you hop out of the way. 

That hasn't happened. 

I am currently thinking ahead of spring and how I would really like to have a Bobike Jr (or something like it) so I can just get Dexter to hop on instead of dragging the trailer around during the flatter, warmer months. Is this the way some moms feel like when they would prefer to drive a sedan instead of a minivan?

In the meantime, for those of you who are waiting for spring to come? It's basically here. Pump up your tires and get out there! 


babble on said...

Winter in Edmonton over and done in early March? Aw geeze, that's scary. Climate change is for real after all!!

Deborah said...

Sarah! You guys can have my Bobike Jr - Dom has become too independent for us to keep using it, he wants to ride his own bike now! Drop me an email and we'll figure out a day to meet at RedBike and have them uninstall it from my bike and install it on whichever of yours is your preference.

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