March 5, 2013

The weekend comes and goes so quickly!

I had dinner with friends at Corso32; Taught lessons; Watched Argo; Attended a work function with Don (lace dress pictured above); Hung out with my babies; And, used the bungalow as a staging venue for a casual Sunday dinner with friends.

Now with two children, I am all for collaborative dinners where people show up with food and I just eat it. Michael made us jambalaya!

I did the old "what's left in the fridge?" salad. 

Tom photographed the kids.

New friend Dawn was adorable and beautiful and sweet! And a baby whisperer to boot. Baby Alice just passed out in Dawn's arms.

Lisa was on dessert duty (cornmeal and blueberries never go wrong).

Empty glasses and good times! With everybody vacating in time for me to put the little guys to bed. As a mom of young ones, timely exodus is of great value. Sometimes entertaining leaves you exhausted and even more tired than before. I don't do that kind of entertaining anymore (or I try to limit it to when I have to). Now, I am all about good times coupled equally with good organization and time management.

I know, I'm so square. I look forward to the day when I don't feel sleepy at 9 pm.


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