Brooklyn : Brunch & Transit Museum

April 24, 2013

Transit Museum

I have been wanting to go to the Transit Museum for a long time, ever since I discovered the lower level just features a bunch of actual train cars from past to present. It is SO MUCH FUN! And educational and informative too.


The earlier part of the day featured Richard taking us around some parts of Brooklyn. We started off on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which was beautiful! There are no photos because only the local train was running on Saturday and it took us twice as long to get over to Brooklyn in the first place. I was starving, so the camera didn't come out until I started eating food.

MF'in Frech Presses

We went to Brucie.

Bar Top

Then, off to the transit museum!

World's Fair Car

Girl Talk

I am a fan of the group photos.

Motley Crew

9306 St. Louis Car

And photos of my lady friends.

Leanne on Wicker

Lisa Made Well

And my antisocial man friend on one of the vintage cars.

Alone Time

Later on we went to the Brooklyn Flea where I ate the best doughnut of my life at Dough. I also had a taco in the basement downstairs. The flea part was just okay for me, but there were knick knacks to boot for those of you who don't mind buying and traveling home with lots of things. The food stuff is located behind this huge vault door (place used to be a bank), which feels cool and also like a fire hazard.

We were on this meridian across the street when Richard realized he forgot his MTA mug at the flea He ran back to find it, only to discover it was gone:(

Don took this picture of me while we were waiting.

Brooklyn Editorial

The later part of the day was spent in a pub, and then Don and I had that disappointing midtown restaurant experience in the evening. Though, our friends were amazing and fun! It was great to get caught up. All these friends from Edmonton living in New York. I wonder if and when they will come home! Until then, I'll keep visiting...


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