Flashback Friday!

April 26, 2013

My swept street heralds spring! I got to wear my polka dot Top Shop dress this week. Will be transitioning to non-winter bikes soon, too!

This is actually from last week, but Dexter went to Barberha for a hair cut! Looking so dapper. 

Baby Alice is finally starting to flip pages in books instead of ripping and eating them all the time.

She is also standing handsfree at times.

My students are also wearing celebratory spring skirts!

Baby Alice came with Dexter and me to the art gallery this week. Her stroller was annoying broken (peg in the locking mechanism got stuck somewhere it shouldn't have been). Luckily, the maintenance handy-dude at the gallery was a real gentleman, and came and worked some magic with a tiny screwdriver.

Then we went to visit some friends at city hall, and the kids made a huge mess and rode in recycle boxes.

That's a wrap for now! Have a great weekend:)


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