My YEG Cycle Routes

April 30, 2013

Bike lanes or no, those of us who cycle regularly have obviously figured out our own personal ways of getting around Edmonton. Which neighbourhood street is the least populated; where are the friendly crosswalks; which routes have a scenic view or a great tree canopy; where are the back alleys you can cut through?

It occurred to me to begin collecting little routes and mapping them out so you guys who are interested, can look at where I ride and give that route a shot if you like! One of the beautiful things about riding a bike is that you don't have to think like a motorist anymore. It's just hard to know where to start if you haven't gotten out there to see the lay of the land. Perhaps these links to my own YEG cycling maps will be a starting point for you?

I am hoping to collect more personal maps from other commuters in different parts of the city so I can eventually build up a little library of routes and places that are worth pedalling towards! If you have something to contribute, get in touch at misssarahchan[at]

First up, one of my most frequent routes via bike:

From Belgravia to the High Level Bridge!


Straight outta compton said...

LOVE the idea. First, Spring arrives (or so I hear) and then this! Biking season is hereby open (for those of us who are not hardcore, that is..) :)
I'm sending you my daily route right away!

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