NYC : Google!

April 18, 2013


You know what's awesome? When your friend now works at Google.

Tour Time

Dan was kind enough to take us for a tour. It began with he and Don making us deluxe coffees on the serious espresso machine.


Then, it was time to ogle and be jealous about everything in the office.


Like the LEGO area where you have gobs and gobs of bricks to choose from and you can put your completed projects here.

LEGO Gallery

The uh... Pac-Man hallway.


And napping pod!

Napping Pod

Pac-Man commissary.

Pac Man

One of the many delicious cafés.


A most homey meeting room. If you look to the right, that's Tom just getting up from the toilet.

Meeting Room

One of the many eating and lounging areas.


My own google lunch that day consisted of nachos and some spicy tofu thing. Yummy! We opted to eat at a smaller café because one of the big ones was featuring a celebrity chef that day and was going to be too busy.

Taco Lunch

Here is me pitching Dan with reasons why I should work at Google (there aren't many) and him, ignoring me.

Research, Ideas!

It's great to see my friends doing so well and enjoying their work in the big city - I will just continue to make frequent visits and enjoy the novelty of the Google offices by proxy.


m e l i g r o s a said...

OH NY google! so awesome! thanks for sharing :)
I recently was invited to the smaller SF satellite campus (main campus is in Mountain View, approx. 40 miles south of SF) +it was so much fun, interactive maps +a gorgeous dinning facility with first row views of the bay bridge!
that toilet foto.. LOL so funny

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